Antenna and Cable analyzers (VNA)

R&D experts and experienced radio amateurs design RigExpert Antenna and Cable analyzers. They are reliable and highly accurate tools for adjusting your radio and microwave devices and their systems.  RigExpert analyzers are a very simple and convenient device for:

  • Checking and adjusting antennas
  • Сable Length and Velocity Factor measurements
  • 1/4-λ, 1/2-λ coaxial stubs setup
  • Finding cable fault
  • Measurement of other RF elements parameters
  • Factory calibration
  • Intuitive interface and built-in Helper at the push of a button
  • A built-in ZOOM for any detail of charts
  • 16-hour runtime, one charge
  • Bluetooth LE for communication with mobile app
  • Operation temperature from -20° to 55°C

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