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FCC License

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FCC License
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I was looking into the PCIMAX card for an urban (5 mile radius) radio station. I was wondering sense I live in the United States if there were any FCC licenses I must obtain before broadcasting on the FM channel in this distance, and if so what kind of content is prohibited (cursing, etc)?
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Last time I heard about FM in the USA, you were only alowed 50mW without a licence, which is pretty much nothing, and equals zero range.

You will need to get a licece for anything more then this __IF__ you wanna be legal.

Unfortunately, being legal means paying heafty royalties for things like licences, copyright and other expenses, getting technical approval from the govt for the use of the Tx you are using($$$$) - doing FM radio legally, is incredibly expensive...

If you have the cash, then go licenced.

If you have a limited budget, then I would suggest just going for it without any licence. This might not be an ethical thing to suggest, but it is cheap. Keep all your music on a PC, and the original CD's/Records/Tapes somewhere else NOT at the studio, in case of raid.

DO NOT use cheap nasty Tx - buy only a quality PLL type Tx such as the PCS ones for sale via this site - they are excellent quality and give you a few watts of power to play with for very little outlay.

I can provide detailed instructions on how to proceed with all the setup if you like - it is not as painful as it sounds!

You will need a minimum of a Pentium 100 PC using MPXplay for DOS for playing your MP3 music - the best graphical MP3 player for DOS - EVER. It is dead easy to setup, needs no Windows(so never crashes), is very low on CPU usage, has cross-fading, random play, the list goes on...
An excellent MP3 player, and I would reccomend this program over any Windows MP3 player.

As for cursing and profanity - this is pretty much against the radio regs in almost any country. You have to be politically correct, if you are licenced - another minus...

Swearing and abuse can get the attention of the radio police(the FCC) faster then just being there and playing music/commentary when you shoulden't be.
But then again, the profanity is what some people wanna hear, and could boost your listners...
It's tighrope tradeoff between being politically correct and lasting longer before being shut down, and swearing your head off for a few days or weeks, before being shut down...


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Sat Jul 27, 2002 8:20 am

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Subject: To Whom It May Concern

Just thought that i would utter these few words of awareness.

1)It is quite obvious that due to my openess and tell it like it
is,that there will be a considerasble amount of interest shown by the
FCC.That is one of the blessings that i bring to this theatre of
operations..I dont have any units that is my creation,that i know of
that is in the hands of any LPFM operator Stateside....Yes i have re-
worked a few marginal units,which are no longer around....I fix the
crap that other people have constructed...and those that didnot wanna
do the right thing was turned away,some i outright yanked it away
from them because they are very stubborn and ignorant,and i know if
it is given back to them,they will go right back and put it on the
air to cause havoc and draw undue attention to themselves and the
whole LPFM community opn a whole.

2)A lot of the JPEGS that i have shown are ported over from work that
is done for countries whereby it is perfectly licensed and legal..As
a matter of fact i am the one that has drawn up the standards for
acceptance which bears similarities to certain FCC mandated
requisites..remeber that airplanes do fly over other countries as
well,not only the USA. As a matter of fact the Importance of emitting
a clean signal is of equal tantamount importance and even more
important in certain areas.So it not that i have such a burning
desire to boastg or show and tell..My experience is vast and crosses
many a international borders,and there will be from time to time,a
few items of hardware originateing from this country,ends on my
bech...example there are a considerable amount of FRB units in
Haiti..especially popular with the so called "Missionaries" over
there...The Veronica designs are very much present over there as
well,i have come across quite a few of them.(not my delivery)

3)And if any units that are my creation are usually taken out the
country by me,and i have a very tight control as to what goes on with
them overseas...i am the one that does all the service,upgrades
And if anyone approaches me as far as obtaining one of my creations
then they will sign on the dotted line...for export only,and you
shall be accompanied by The chief enforcement officer at the RPM
Radio network to ensure that you take it out the country.And honestly
i really dont expect to get any request from any Local LPFM operator
for such,due to mere fact of response and level of appreciation that
is quite evident on this list and others.
And if any of my creations for what ever reason is thought to be mine
then there will be no doubt in anyones mind as to the originator of
that beast...my signature will written all over that beauty..both
visible and not so visibly and i am the only one that will be able to
guide you to look for certain key features known only to me....As i
often say i dont miss a trick,believe it or not i am right on top of
the low lifes with all their evil intentions.

3)The majority of "Exhibits" that i might show from now on has never
been published or exposed to public view until now.So please dont
frustrate yourselves by just hanging around to see if you have seen
it before ..'cos you ain't never seen none of them until now.

And we all should be happy that the Spectrum Enforcers are in the
house..please come in..bring the whole gang in to observe the level
of concentrated attempt at educateing the generally dumb Pirate Radio
operator as they prefer to be annointed..At least you all from the
establishment can experience first hand that Sotris and others have
grabbed the bull by the horn so to speak.

Also to the data mineing A.O,there are no R&D interest of yours on
any computer of mine that is connected to the Internet...I have a
vast selection of computers all over that i have acess to...The
windoze machine is worth little to you,to continue with your backdoor
entry..i hate people who do that.

So sorry to dissapoint anyone
Respects...Norm B

Tue Sep 17, 2002 8:37 am

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I am not trying to expose anyone or be-little anyone either contrary
to popular biassed opinion....I really dont care to find out as to
whom the originator of the unit was....I surveyed what was placed
before me and saw the problems and short comeings,and i took
corrective action...I tried to remedy the problems as best as the
situation afforded or allowed...And it was not easy either,as
outlined in one of my previous postings.(if it has not been edited by
someone else already!!!).

So i decided to "Spank" some common ground of knowledge and
experience..so i ported over to this theatre of operations some real
world,"bad to "d" bone" applied RF electronics and comms...LPFM style
and fashion.

2)If your intentions are solely based on a seek and find
pilgrimmage,for whatever devious purpose you may have in mind i hate
to disappoint you all....'cos whatever you see from now on is
progressive technology applied my way...not that i am saying or even
dare to imply that my views and my implementations are 100% solve-it-
One of the reasons that i can be so public is because i am not a
local dealer publicly...I have gained the majority of LPFM/TV
expertise on a foreign recognition aspect....I can kick myself in the
butt,for not really pursueing that venue with a lot more intensity
and dedication than what i placed into it.

THERE IS NO NEED TO bother anybody in an attempt to make any form of
hardware connection to me...I have refitted and retrofitted units
ONE....The group of lpfm guys that i have worked with have moved on
up the hardware ladder so to speak....They have packaged their "box
of parts" and sent them to their hometown back home wherever they
are from....WOW what a contribution...first over here,then they
export a piece of technology to serve and contribute to the
empowerment of the massive....so once again i have to take my hats
off to that very special group of LPFM operators that i have worked
with...and there is a host of others that are showing the same
attributes that i consider to be upper league LPFM quality and no
involvement on my behalf whatsoever.My involvement was short fast and
intense..If you ain't seen anything that looks like the method of
approach that i have been shareing with all,then you ain't seen
nothing of my creations...my stamp would be all over that baby in
more ways than one....both visibly and invisibly...So relax and enjoy
the ride...this is a totally different approach....executed for this
occasion only.

Tue Sep 17, 2002 8:43 am

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From: "endfire247array" <riptide247@h...>
Date: Mon Jul 1, 2002 3:03 pm
Subject: As far as iam concerned...Partition#2

Greetings All,

I realize that there are quite a few folks present that harbour a
great deal of animosity,towards the FCC.for what ever reasons,and
rightly so..But remember those Folks have a job to do.They are the
Political strong arm of the RF spectrum.

A well informed person,can easily observe that FCC rules are in a
constant state of evolvement,and also upon carefull examination
should discover that those rules are progressively less restrictive.

They have a very tight agenda,understaffed,budget restraints etc.etc.
The last thing that they want to be bothered with,is to be bombarded
with interference complaints from various sectors of the
public...Interference being caused by some LPFM operator,who bought a
brick of tricks from somebody.

I can never erase this picture from my memmory,the very first time,a
so called "community radio" brick of wonder,was laid on my bench,and
Whoah!!!!!..What the**************is this....Oh boy!...Houston we
have a problem!over and out.

So imagine the walls i have had to kick down to arrive at this
blessed and annointed position i am in..Public enemy #1.....Imagine
for a minute the range of emotions that i have to deal with...How do
i try to convince a fellow immigrant [who for starters,has a very
poor command of the English language....no fault of his..he trying
his utmost best to learn,he has a fulltime job,goes to school in the
evenings at the local elementary school]....In one hand i have a
cease and desist notice sent to him from the FCC. field monitoreing
ops.laying out the rules and regulations,and the reason why he was
cited..causeing interference to the local TV listening audience and
so on so forth.

On the bench is a masterpiece consisting of *******PLL followed by a
BGY133,Running at full 14.2volts slap bang into a MRF317 at
28V...Only sign of Low Pass filtering is in the PLL board...VSWR on
the "Halley's Comet" was 2.8:1...OH BOY!!

Now how do i handle this one now...how do i convince this person that
there are technical imperfections in his brick of tricks...Do i give
it back to him and tell him to take it back to where he got it from.
(which he has already done,from the first notice he got)and he was
told by those concerned that i am talking a bunch of crap
etc.etc...do i just confiscate the unit or give it back to
him,knowing damn well he is just gonna go back and put on the air
again..or effect the required changes to make him "legal" spectral

Now remember this is his second trip back to me,with a "uppety"
attitude this time,'cos "Blanc" (their affectionate description for
the "white man")told them that his Super Tx is just a spanking
fine.......all over the friggin spectrum!..So with the seeds of doubt
sown in his mind,by "Blanc" as to my depth of knowledge etc.etc,he
leaves with his brick of wonder..and i am playing for him one my
favourite tunes..."Dont come around here no mo'"..by Tom Petty.

Ok the demarkation lines have been drawn....Back to the
innersanctum..dead bolt on all doors..told Sargeant Slaughter,not to
bother me please...kill me, dont talk to me right now!...Break out
the trays of spare semiconductors...ok...smithy charto..calculator
on desktop..dummdumdeededeelalala(cant sing at all..totally tone
deaf..love music though)48hrs. later,BW PLL+,with the titanium
slug,etc.etc...into MRF314 to MRF317(X2) OR MRF392(X2)
Followed by high power tx coaxial stub filter....The silence of the
Lambs ensues after.

It is a dilemna folks,here i am with FCC General operators permit
with two endorsements-ships radar/broadcast.For those who are
unfamiliar,it was a mandatory requirement(before deregulation stepped
in)that in order to service,install etc.etc certain types of comms.
equipment one had to be certified by the FCC.It was not uncommon to
see employment ads with wording to the effect that "FCC. General
Radiotelephone License a must..dont even bother applying if you dont
have that piece of paper....I have signed off quite a few "pink
slips" issued by the FCC to Marine Radio operators.

Basically what i am trying to impart is that i am fully aware of the
dangers of sporadic emmisions etc.etc,but ironically here i am,and in
the words of others, teaching people how to break the law..so to

Tue Sep 17, 2002 9:07 am
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