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Software documentation

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Software documentation
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I've got my PCI MAX 3000 up and running but I'm having some difficulty figuring out how to use the software. I printed off the manual but can't find much on how the software operates. I haven't had much time to fool with it other than taking a transister radio outside to test the range.

I'd rather read up on how to use the software before jumping the gun but here's what's on my mind.

Is the antenna included with 1 watt card weatherproof?

I'm at work so I'm having to go on memory on these next things so please forgive me.

Concerning the software, there are two "tabs" which has to do with the frequency. The first tab has a series of alternate frequencies I can enter. The other tab has an actual number controlled by <>. I went to radio locator.com and entered my zip code and entered those unused frequencies into the alternative frequency boxes. When I went outside, I noticed I was picking up what I was brodcasting on multiple frequencies. I was using an analog radio and the dial is not accurate so I'm not sure if these frequencies I entered are the ones that I am picking up. Or I am picking up a very strong signal that is causing this.

So what is the purpose of the frequency with the <> on the other tab for ?

I'm not real sure about this next question. When the software is broadcasting there is no sound coming from my speakers. This is while using a real old version of Winamp.

But if I shut down the computer, as Windows XP shuts down it plays the shutdown tune. I haven't tried running Winamp without the broadcasting software running to see if sound comes from the speakers.

How can I broadcast and listen to what I am broadcasting at the same time?

Last question. The software says I'm pushing 0.0 watts. The card is rated at 1 watt. What's the deal on that?

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Dear Jseabolt,

antenna will certainly survive some of the weather, but if you leave it outside for some months some parts may start to corode/rust.
For a proper outside/rooftop antenna check these options, they will all work and there are some budget options as well:


The alternate frequencies and most of the other fancy parameters that you probably don't understand are all
related to RDS. I'm sure your unit is without RDS so you can ignore all those.

You can read more about RDS here:

When you are very close to the transmitter you will pickup your signal on multiple spots on the dial.
Why? A receiver is far from perfect and surprisingly today most FM radio receivers are even more crappy than they were
20-30 years ago. So it is easy for strong signal to overload the input mixer and cause signal to be received on multiple spots.

If you want to use the built-in USB audio adapter, you have to set whatever program you use to to play audio in a way that it will
send its audio to your USB adapter audio. Winamp and most other players allow this, somewhere under their settings you will find
adapter selection.

If you want to broadcast audio from your speakers, you need to connect the output of your sound card to the audio input of
PCIMAX 3000+ via jumper cable. You can use Y splitter to connect speakers to same output at the same time:
Y audio splitter
You may find this locally at radio shack.

Regarding output power, it will not show unless you click "Automatic refresh". This starts reading data from the card.
Since you can detect signal on the radio you are definitely transmitting.

I am sure you will soon discover how easy all this is, don't be afraid to try things (within reason of course).

Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
Turn your PC into a FM radio station!
fax +386 4 2316 128
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