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Any Clever Ideas?

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Any Clever Ideas?
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Hello Everyone,

I go by CaLLe and here is a little about me and my project.
NOTE: If you don't care for the history, at least read the last portion and throw in some ideas. Thanks.

As a kid, I remember connecting a set of headphones into the mic jack of a "Twin-Cam" radio I had beg my parents to buy me, and "broadcasting" to my neighbors, sending them "shout-outs" as they would wave back to me. From that day, it was on!

I started DJ'ing when I was in High School and figured out music entertainment would be my career, but it wasn't until 2001 when I started working with a (radio connoisseur) friend of mine that the radio bug really bit me.

He was then a master control op. as well as on-air personality for a network of AM stations. He had gotten his hands on an transmitter which was destined for a station which after getting it's LPFM license, never launched. Then with the help of another friend who financed the project and promised to take the wrap in case the FCC came knocking, they launched the station miles from the area determined by the license.

The station broadcasted through a Comet antenna about 50-60 ft up in the air. It had a good 25- mile radius, clear as day. People started loving the "un-canned" variety of music played and the calls began pouring like rain. My friend ended up quitting at the AM stations to tend to the project, which left the station owner in desparate need of a master control. Although my friend wanted to take the careful route and just play music, the partner saw the opportunity for profit and began selling spots, advertising to clients as if they were a licensed station. The popularity of the station as well as my friend's former boss getting a little pissed off for losing his main operator to a "pirate" and calling the licensed FMs to listen in so they would call the FCC got them shut down. Agents tracked down the station, came in, took pics of the equipment and adviced the partner (who in fact took the blame) that he would be fined $1,000 for every day the station aired after that point.

A few months after that, while he and I looked at the equipment look back at us in misery for not being able to do what it does best, we decided to make the transmitter and antenna happy again . We set up in a shed in his backyard and kept a low profile this time. It was great for the days it lasted, as something went wrong and the amp cooked.

Currently, I am a Production/Broadcasting student currently working at my college's radio station as an on-air p. and board op.

As some of you have read on a previous post, I am in the process of setting up a station (hopefully with at least a 20 mile range) Due to the difficulties of acquiring an LPFM license, this one will have to be NON-FCC Approved I would like to do this for personal enjoyment as well as to provide listeners with an alternative to the canned crap the corporates serve.

Of course the last thing anyone running a pirate wants is to get caught. I'm wondering if anyone can pitch in with any clever ideas for concealment, remote transmission, counter surveillance, etc. Thanks. I will post pics and keep you updated.

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New registered user

Joined: 23 Jul 2005
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I've backtracking in the forum and found a post from Oct. 13, 2004 with some usefull info. Thanx Dr. Sandi.

If any other tips are available, I'm all ears.

Also does anyone know a good alternative to the traditional phone line to receive on-air calls?

I'm thinking a pre-paid cell would be good. Any objections?
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I'm new to the radio field and have just placed an order with PCS for the 15W Kit.

What I myself will be using for taking calls is a Pre-paid mobile phone as it can take Texts and calls and you have the choice of registering the phone number or Not...

There harder to trace when unregistered and also Cheap to buy a new Sim card if it comes to them shutting down that phone number.

But I would also like to see some of the answers to the questions you have asked
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just use a form of repater hidden some were and use a directnal antenner pointing at the repater. then when the fcc trys to track you down all they get is a repeater

could it be possable to use a passive repeater mabye?
Fri Feb 10, 2006 3:16 pm View user's profile Send private message MSN Messenger
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