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South Sweden report

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South Sweden report
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Some time ago I bought a Cyber Max LCD, a RDS Max and a Comet antenna. The setup was quick and easy and worked over expections. Connecting and getting the RDS Max to work was a bit more difficult and demanded a bit soldering here and there (the instructions were excellent though). This would be much easier if the TX and RDS coder had RCA connectors on board so that one just connects directly to those with regular cables from the nearest radio shacks (this is something I've seen on many TX:s and been grateful for many times when setting up local radio sites around here). The worst problem was the software for the RDS Max and it demanded some help here on this board. After good support from the PCS team I was up and running.
After that I've been adjusting the equipment and as I see it the job is finished now. I ran a test transmission and with 6 W the transmitter covered and area of approx. 15 kms from the transmitter with good reception approx. 7-8 kms from the transmitter. I got a report from Denmark too, even though weak, which was much more than what I expected. RDS goes thru much better than most of the licenced stations here.
As for studio I've set up a computer with a good DJ soft and WinAmp for processing the audio. The plug ins there are first Izotope Ozone and after that Sound sollution. I also have MBL4, but this doesn't work to well with the DJ soft I have, because the processor gets a bit overloaded. I need more memory there. Of course all this only gives me processing of the music, but not directly microphone and phone line. So I put a Behringer Ultra-Dyne Pro between the computer and the TX. It is a multiband limiter plus some more that I found on Ebay for a fair price and together with Ozone and Sound sollution or MBL4 it makes it possible to compete with as well PLR stations like Mix Megapol, Lugna Melodier, The Voice and Uptown as state radio SR P3 and DR P3. The audio is outstanding and the Ultra-Dyne makes it possible to process the audio so that it's well compressed, well sounding with much dynamics and still squeeze this out to the TX to the last drop which is exactly what one wants to do if they're running a station and don't want to get caught to easily. It sounds very professional.

After testing and adjusting and playing around as you normally do with this equipment I must say that I'm much more satisfied with this equipment than I thought I would be when I bought it. The transmitters I've been most used to set up are from CTE and Hyslop Electronics. Very good transmitters and very easy. However the price class is also €1500+ more than I wanted to pay. I was recommended to try PCS or Veronica and after much consideration I chose PCS. The equipment is looking and feeling very professional and the quality is too. From being used to work with more pro TX:s I missed details like possibility to adjust virtually everything either thru computer or on the front panel. On the other side you normally do this once or twice and after that you're done and then it really doesn't matter that you have to lift the cover. Tuning the TX up is also something you shouldn't try without SWR meter (which can be the case if someone tries this the first time). The tone helps some, but the SWR meter helps more However, once you're done with that it's childs play and the TX performs at least as well as any other pro TX. The manuals and the support are also a big plus that I see PCS has put much time into. I can't say anything else than that I'm satisfied with the TX and look forward to do some more testing with the AM too. I am working on some DRM info for the guys that maybe could make it possible to make it a fully working digital DRM AM transmitter. Anyway from the satisfaction I've got from this equipment I can only give my full recommendations for anyone interested in testing.
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