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MP3 Automation software you MUST have!!!!

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MP3 Automation software you MUST have!!!!
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Hi everyone!

Software you MUST have is MPXplay for DOS.
Mpxplay is a DOS based (32-bit) audio player.

Supported filetypes:
- Audio MPEG Layer II/III (MP2,MP3)
- Dolby AC-3 (AC3)
- Ogg Vorbis (OGG)
- MPEG Plus (MPC)
- Uncompressed WAV
- Audio CD ripp'n'play (CDW)

Implemented functions:
- support of the well-known soundcards (SB16,ESS,WSS,GUS,SBpro)
- control with keyboard, mouse, joystick, serial port
- playlist support (m3u), drive and directory scan
- playlist editor and directory browser (on screen)
- fast forward and rewind (seeking), between the songs too
- cross-fade songs in real time
- automatic volume correction; surround, speed (freq) control
- LCD-display handling
- spectrum analyzer
- ID3 tag editor and list maker
- LFN (long filenames) support under Win9x and DOS (with LFN emulator)
- input buffer with interrupt decoder (it solves the CD-read errors)

System requirements for Mpxplay:
CPU: Intel 80486 100mhz (DX4-100) or above (P90 to OGG)
RAM: 4-8Mb
- SB16 (ISA) or compatible (SB AWE32/64,SB Live,SB Audigy)
- ESS 1688-1888 chips
- WSS compatible cards (Crystal Sound, Yamaha, some OPTI cards,some CMI cards)
- GUS cards (GUS MAX, Gus PnP)
- SB pro (DSP 1.x, 2.x, 3.x) or compatible
Operating system:
- MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
- Windows 95/98 (DOS window)

MPXplay is FULL SCREEN MP3 player.
It is very fast to switch between songs, small(more room for music), has cross-fading on one soundcard, fade-in, fade-out, random play - you can even speed up and slow down the playback speed!

I reccomend a minimum of a Pentium 75MHz PC with 8MB of RAM, and the biggest HDD you can get your hands on.

I myself use this program for my station, bypassing Windows completely, and the program NEVER crashes... I was so happy with it, that we installed it at the local retirement village, feeding music into the PA system, and it has _never_ crashed; not even once, since we started it running in November last year...

The program requires DOS only, and is less then 500k!!!

CPU usage when playing a 224kbps MP3 file with full-screen options and spectrum analyser running, is only around 40% on a P100...

I used this program, along with a 20GB Seagate HDD with DDO software to bypass the BIOS restrictions on HDD size, allowing me to access all 20GB of space as one drive under DOS.
The PC I used was a Pentium 100MHz machine, with 16MB of RAM, which is way more RAM then you really need in this case.

Simply sys your HDD with a boot-disk from Windows 95B or Windows 98SE to get a FAT32 DOS filesystem, then install MPXplay, and all the music, and you're up and running.

Dead easy, and so much more reliable then Windows, and calling for a very cheap PC.


Check this program out at http://www.geocities.commpxplay, and grab yourself a copy.

Now, all we need now, are drivers from PCS for DOS for their PCI MAX series of Tx'ers, and we could start to market self-contained transmitter/computer units, due to the fact that here in New Zealand, the Government has just allocated a part of the FM band for low power 300mW users...


PS: Note that you should only sys your HDD if you know what you are doing, and your station computer should not be the same one you use for other work, as sys'ing a HDD will usually flatten your copy of Windows you are running!!! This program is ideal to run on a dedicated MP3 player for your studio only, not really to co-exist with a Windows machine...

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link seems to be dead

dark is my sunlight
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He meant:


Thanks for the software recommendation!

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DOS dead to!
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