PCB Production, Prototyping And Component Placement

PCB prototyping
Since we do a lot of R&D and small-scale production in the house, we established a small facility for PCB prototype and small-scale production runs. A single PCB can be milled with our milling machine quickly and accurately. It lacks stop lack (see picture) and silk print, but it is fast and cheap. And perfect for testing RF circuits, prototyping and other design work. Single or double-sided boards with 8-mil traces can be created even with metalized holes. We use this technology for our design work and now it is available to you as well. The important factor here is that PCS can save you a great deal of time and money by milling the boards here. We can manage some pretty complex boards, so if you’re in doubt, just contact us and we can let you know.
Small and medium PCB production runs
On the other hand if you need from 5 to 1000 pieces of PCB we can make them for you using the usual photoresist techniques with stop lack (red, dark blue or green) and silk screen (white or yellow), they can be single or double-sided, with full metalization and either ROHS or non-ROHS compliant. It typically takes 10 days for 100 boards to be produced, but the price is very competitive.
SMD placement
We also have SMD placement and thru-hole assembly facilities in-house. Since we have more capacity than needed we now offer it to our customers. SMD components down to 0603 can be placed with ease. Our prices are very competitive and it makes perfect sense starting at around 50-100 boards (the problem is stencil mask which can come out a bit expensive per board, if there are not that many of them). Lead-free wave soldering and SMD owens are used.
CAD/CAM PCB design/routing
To round it off we also offer CAD/CAM PCB design, although we are only doing it for smaller boards for the time being as there is usually no time due to other project. If you need this service please check with us first.
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