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Leftovers from production  

This is a list of material left over from manufacturing over the years. To purchase please contact us directly and we'll issue you a proforma or payment request. Quantity rebates are available!

These can also ship with airmail (not trackable and slow, but very cheap to ship worldwide).

All parts are new/unused, but have been sitting in the warehouse some time.

Product name / stock / price for one
PCF8583T SMD ... 50x (1.5 eur)
PCF8574AP DIP ...2x (1 eur)
HEF4016B NXP SMD ... 2500x (0.15 eur)
AT89C4051-24PU ... 84X (0.5 eur)
ATXMEGA64A4 AU ... 160x (3 eur)
STMM24C16-WBN6P DIP... 50X (0.1 eur)
74HC393N DIP ... 155X (0.2 eur)
BD140 ... 5X (0.2 eur)
74HC4066 DIP ... 223X (0.2 eur)
HCF4046 DIP ... 4X (0.2 eur)
74HC4040 DIP ... 22X
74HC04 DIP ... 71x (0.1 eur)
BYW29-200 ... 63x (0.1 eur)
HEF4030BT SMD ... 51x (0.1 eur)
CD4013 SMD ... 10x (0.1 eur)
74HC4066 SMD ... 26x (0.1 eur)
AD1970 SMD ... 250x (6 eur)
MC1496 DIP ... 40x (0.4 eur)
TLV2372 DIP8 ... 200x (1.3 eur)
HN-MODUL HN0515D (5V DCDC into 2x15V) ,,, 156x (2 eur)
TAS3103 ... 100x (5 eur)
ULN2003 DIP ... 62x (0.2 eur)
TL071 SO8 ... 68x (0.1 eur)
SA605 SMD ... 75x (4 eur)
TL071 DIP8 ... 38x (0.1 eur)
IRF7309 SO8 ... 500x (0.1 eur)
LM79L12 SO8 SMD ... 95x (0.1 eur)
LM567CM SO8 SMD ... 95x (1 eur)
IRLD110 DIP4 ... 20x (0.2 eur)
BYT08P 800A TO220 ... 45x (0.1 eur)
TIP141 ... 4x (0.5 eur)
BD135 ... 13x (0.1 eur)
TI MAX232 SMD SOIC14 ... 17x (0.1 eur)
TPS5430 TI DCDC SMD SOIC8 ... 75x (2 eur)
20K trimmer THT square ... 48x (0.2 eur)
ADF4113HV SMD ... 85x (5 eur)
NE5522 DIP ... 3x (0.2 eur)
74HCU04 DIP ... 10x (0.1 eur)
74HC04 SMD SOIC14 ... 47x (0.1 eur)
SIL12-1A72-71D REED RELAY ... 37x (1 eur)
TSA5526A TSSOP ... 200x (1 eur)

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 08 July, 2008.
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