RF Service And Calibration

RF service, maintenance and calibration…

Our team of engineers at PCS Electronics, specialists in RF electronics, will gladly look at your problem and see if we can help you repair your product. We are not limited to FM radio broadcasting so do not hesitate to contact us with your problems. The weirdest the better; this is the kind of thing that makes engineers skip their desert and keep their girlfriends waiting so do not hesitate, we love doing this stuff.

Some areas of our expertise include:
– RF circuit design (RF amplifiers, VCO, PLL, audio and data links, RDS, microcontrollers, RF strips, receivers, transmitters and similar)
– PCB layout, manufacturing and SMD/thru-hole assembly
– Digital systems design (microcontroller based systems mostly with AVR platforms, PC interfacing, Windows software etc)

Would you like a quote? Send a detailed description of the problem and prepare some photos for us, we will ask for them (if possible hi-resolution and not thumbnail Nokin 3310 pics). Look for the Contact us link (bottom left of the page, under Information box). Describe your problem as clearly as possible, enter your E-mail and your name and press Submit. If you do not receive confirmation email in minutes, please check your spam filter settings. We can also be contacted via Skype and Facebook (e-mail is preferred since it gives us time to answer and we have a record of entire discussion at all times).

We are looking forward to hearing about your project!

Marko Seruga – business owner