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2500W Forced air oil cooled dummy load
2500W Forced air oil cooled dummy load
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Jazler RadioStar II  

RadioStar II is the latest radio product from Jazler software.

After the release of SimplePack, RadioStar was designed and coded from the scratch, to be able to be expandable over the time. RadioStar has all the features a radio automation package needs, with an easy to use user interface, the least needed menus and buttons to complete a task and automated features to save time. RadioStar can work perfectly in a local network environment to provide unlimited workstations to the production, marketing and sales departments.

Features & Benefits
  • Complete and revised studio environment
  • Songs Database with advanced editing
    Editing your music database has never been easier, offering to you unlimited ways to organize and categorize your music collection.
  • QuickEdit Feature In Songs
    Edit the properties of songs without entering their analysis, quickly and easily from the database. Just click on the song, and change its properties from the menu that will pop-up.
  • Mass change of categories, properties, file locations
    You can mass change lots of properties just by clicking on songs with either Ctrl or Shift. Then right click and select your action.
  • Jingles Database
    Jazler hosts a dedicated database for all jingles and station ID's. Every element can be categorized so it can be easy to find.
  • Advanced Spots Programming
    The spots programming interface of RS2 gives you the ability to easily program different spots at different days and times quickly. It also gives you the ability to play random spots based on a list at specific times (mostly used for station ID's). The reports tool of Jazler, can also print down a detailed report so you can give it back to your client or media shop. (either for the scheduled, or for the actual report of played spots).The spots management system also gives you the abilty to adjust when your spots package will start or end. You can also be notified if a specific package exceeds a maximum time to avoid a crowded and tiring commercial break. 
  • Events Database
    A special database where you can store all your audio elements that do not fit into the other databases. These elements could be musical beds or special program ID's and intros.
  • Sweepers Database
    Sweepers are the station jingles that do not contain music background and can overlap the song playing. Jazler can split the sweepers into categories and play them either programmed or automatically ontop of the songs, whenever you want (Start of song, before the intro, end of song, transition between songs, customized placement)
  • Voice Tracks Database & Internal recorder
    A special database that stores all the voice-tracks recorded by jazler or pre-recorded from another software. Voice tracks can be re-used whenever you want with great ease.
  • Direct Audio File Playback
    No time to import a file into Jazler and play it? Need to play a file immediatelly? The studio screen now hosts a browser for direct playback of audio files without the need of importing them into the database. Jazler also automatically cues the files to avoid silence.
  • Reports printing
    Print your spot reports in a stylish document that includes your logo and info.
  • Security with user accounts to access only the databases specified. 
    Be sure that only the authorized people have access to your valuable databases. 
  • Unlimited LAN workstations to edit databases at the same time, while the studio is on-air.
    Edit your databases with Jazler Workstation, from any of your computers, at the same time that the Studio is on air . You have no restrictions on the number of the Workstations that will be installed.
  • Available in most popular languages
    Get Jazler on your native language. 13 Languages available up to now, and more to come!
  • Advanced Playlist Creation with Voice Tracks
    RadioStar gives you the ability to manualy create playlists, create automated playlists based on a clock, preview where commercials will interupt your playlist in the on-air rotation, fully preview (audio) a playlist, edit start and end points of tracks specifically for a playlist without saving it in the database, add or record voicetracks and include them for the specific playlist. 
  • Monitor & Edit an audio track just before airing 
    A new friendly environment, in the Studio mode, in which you can monitor and edit a track with ease and accuracy.
  • Advanced Automated Rotation Scheduling 
    The scheduler in RS2 is designed and based on the clock system, where you can create clocks and then program them what time to be active and play. A clock is a virtual playlist where you do not enter the exact song, but its category or properties
    Example: Song(Hot Current) > Song(Current 1) > Jingle (MusicJingle) > Song (90's) (Pop) > Jingle (Transition Slow) > Song (Slow)
  • Rebroadcast up to 3 audio sources and 4 internet stream
    Have 3 different analog audio sources for the rebroadcast mode, or 4 different internet stream (mp3/aac/wma) and schedule which one you want to be on air and when. Rebroadcast can also be interrupted for commercial breaks.
  • Network Rebroadcast Synchronization
    A new FREE plugin in Jazler that can synchronize the main radio station with simulcasting stations, so simulcasting stations can play local commercials while the main station is playing its own commercial break. Jazler also takes care to fill in the gap in case that the main stations commercials duration is bigger than the simulcaster, filling in with music or jingles.
  • SuperSearch Engine In The Studio
    The supersearch engine gives you the ability to search for tracks in the database and returns to you results while you are typing. Supersearch also has the ability to search in the songs like a search machine, searching the whole database to find a matching result (Name, Title, Album, Songwriter, Composer).
  • Powerful Audio Engine
    A new playback engine is embended on RS2 .Hear crystal clear sound from all the popular file formats. Supports almost all audio cards with either software or hardware mixing. The playback system also includes a DSP Plugin system compatible with most Winamp DSP Plugins to make your sound exactly as you want.
  • RDS Text Transmission, RDS Text character replacement for localization and RDS Direct text transmission 
    Full control of the RDS right through the Studio. Edit the texts that you want be broadcasted on any day, at any time.
  • Import Playlists from external Playlisters
    Jazler RS2 has a strong import engine to import text playlists from the most famous playlisting softwares. Jazler also produces a customized reconciliation text file to be imported back to the playlister so you can make your next playlists!
  • Import Commercial Break Playlists
    Jazler RS2 can import programmed spots from external commercials playlist management systems. 
  • Instant Jingles with auto-gain reducing of the main audio
    While playing an instant jingle the main audio automatically reduces it's volume (option) in the percentage you have previously selected. Jazler also gives you the right to playout your instant jingles on a third sound card, so you can adjust your volume live from your mixing console fader, during live assist.
  • Automatic databases backup & mirroring
    Jazler creates automatically backup of all your databases, making sure that none of your categorizations, statistics etc will be lost in case of a computer crash or malfunction . It also can make a mirror of the database on a different computer for emergency playout purposes.
  • Artist & Title text upload to your web-site or SMS provider
    Let anyone know which song is "on air now", with a simple and easy procedure. RS2 also lets you publish the previous and next songs to be aired. All available in XML format, so you can manipulate the provided data exactly as you want. This feature also includes a custom made HTML file for quick results.
  • Mass songs import with auto-cue to find mix-points 
    Save extra time by letting Jazler automatically mark the mix-points of each song. A brand new algorithm finds cue points in less than half a second for each song, avoiding awkward air silences.


Jazler RadioStar needs Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008 (Demo Edition). We don't recommend to use external soundcard.

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Jazler RadioStar two, two licence keys  Jazler RadioStar two, two licence keys     825.00EUR
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