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Are you looking for a driver?
All the links to the manuals and drivers are in our forum here. You will also find support resources. You can find software download section for our old products here.

Do you have a problem with our product?
Do not despair, a team of engineers is standing by to help you. Check this page for a possible solution before you send us an email. And don't forget to try a new version of the driver (link is above, just click it), if you're using one of the PC based transmitters. A new version of a driver could make a huge difference.

For all kinds of frequently asked questions and answers to common questions, check this page.

How to start guide is here.

You can contact us here.

Please note that our team are mostly engineers (translation: geeks) and what we love to do most is design new equipment and play with our gadgets in the lab. So, before you try to call us, try using email! This gives us an opportunity to dedicate more time to your problem and give you a better answer. We try to answer every question as soon as possible and if possible the same day, but sometimes it takes a day or two. There's also a time difference that you have to be aware of.

Finally, some common support problems are covered below:

If you're having no control over the PCI MAX card:

Install latest version of driver for your card from our website. If that does not work, try running Install.bat in your install directory (typically c:/program files/pci max 2007+/Install.bat). Sometimes using a 2004 or 2005 driver fixes the problem.

Using PCIMAX with Windows 2000 Service Pack 3
There is a problem with Windows2000 with SP3 and our old driver! Installing old version of PCI MAX driver on a Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 machine, or upgrading to Service Pack 3 on a machine that has old PCI MAX driver installed may result in a system crash, and you may need to reboot the PC in DOS mode and rename windrvr.sys to be able to boot Windows successfully.

What to do if I installed Service Pack 3 and Windows 2000 produces a blue screen during boot?
Boot the machine in Safe Mode (as administrator) or with the MS-DOS boot diskette. Erase windrvr.sys from the WINNT\system32\drivers directory. Reboot. If you chose to boot in safe mode to erase windrvr.sys, after the first reboot you will still see the blue screen, but a second reboot should resolve the problem. Use only latest driver from our webpage.

RDS MAX 30: There is no RDS signal and the green led is not blinking anymore, what should I do?
1. Make sure the on-board battery is charged. Sometimes after long periods of inactivity this battery flats out. Leave the unit on for a couple hours and let the battery charge.
2. Turn the board around and look for a small diode soldered where the Atmel chip is on the top side. This diode should go from pin 24 to pin 1. Use BAT85 or any plain 1N4148 diode. Usually this diode is installed, but its better to check.
3. If nothing helped so far, take the Atmel chip from the socket and put it back in.
4. Still no luck? Email us.

RDS MAX 30: the red led (57KHz lock) is not active, what should I do?
1. Use external pilot input (J5) and reduce the pilot a bit before connecting it. This is best done with a series resistor, for SE4 DSP+ use 33K-68K for this resistor. It may be necessary to change this a bit for your encoders and it is best to use a trimmer for this purpose. Also make sure J9 is disconnected/removed. Make sure P3 (trimmer under 4066) is turned all the way clockwise to avoid any potential problems.

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