automatic weight estimation correct?

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Radio Ethiopia
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automatic weight estimation correct?

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Dear PCS team,

I'm a little bit confused about the estimated weight your system shows during the online-shopping procedure. After my original order was estimated at 49 kg, I tried to modify it to see if the system reacts to these changes. But even when I only had 4 Dipole antennas, 4 mast clamps and one 4-way combiner in my cart, it still showed 29 kg. According to my estimation, it should not be more than 10 kg. When I go with the figures in your online system, the shipping of the items to Ethiopia would be more expensive than the items themselves. Given that is all about light-weight items like antennas and electronics, this is somewhat hard to believe.

Thank you for your support,
Radio Ethiopia
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the automatic calculator has problems with:

Big items, especially those where volumetric weight dominates. This means long items. Even though antenna weights 1Kg, but is for example long 150cm, the shipping company charges by the volume and that is a lot more than 1Kg.
In such cases website does not know that such antennas can be packed in parallel and volumetric weight is almost identical for 1 and 5 of them.

Another problem is with African and 3rd world countries. They are all placed into single category and actual cost may be lower.

What to do? Place order and select proforma for payment type. Than email us and ask us to verify your shipping cost.
Sometimes we can arrange air cargo to the airport in your capital, this is usually cheaper, but only suitable for big orders with weight more than 50Kg.
Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
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