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Intimate problem

Post by Yourupsetman »

I have registered new nick, as at me an intimate problem
My wife for last 2 years very much has grown fat
I married the harmonous woman... To not tell, what it with a problem does not do anything, tries to move more, even accepted, has grown thin, but not much more, all this very much upsets me,
but I can is not right? How you will concern to if your wife very much will grow stout?
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Post by Tobbstar »

What are these for strange lines?
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Post by pcs »

Spam attempt. I've removed all links and the account. Its now sitting there uselessly :)

There are many spam attempts performed every day, I get e-mail notification every time
and they are rising, >20 attempts per day is not uncomon.

Sometimes they manage to get through anti-spam measures, 1-5 per week or so.

When its done with a link to a "serious" business, I visit their website, look for
all emails and post them online (appropriate places where low-life gathers).

I hope the bastards get tons of spam.

It takes lots of energy to continually trace latest developments in anti-spam measures,
all because these idiots keep posting their damned commercials. A death penalty should
be proclaimed for these bastards.
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