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Elektor all-mode full coverage short wave receiver project

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Welcome to our SW capture Forum

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You may have noticed a rather exciting project in Elektor magazine.

0-30 MHz SSB/CW/FM/AM/DRM Receiver based on DDS and RISC

http://www.elektor-electronics.co.uk/De ... &art=53227

I was certainly very excited and wanted to build one immediately. It soon turned out there's lots of exotic
parts inside this receiver and there is no KIT out there to make it easy.

So I figured if I'm going to have to trouble myself with ordering the material, why not order material for a few
more kits, not just one. And so I did.

At this point I've got almost everything here, including PCBs, microcontrollers and the difficult exotic material.
I'm still waiting for a few easy parts, a few RFCs and a few caps. When I get it all together I'll calculate how much
it'll cost anyone interested. I expect it to amount to around 200 euro, roughly. I haven't made any actual calculations
so far so take this with a grain of salt. It could be a lot less or a bit more in the end.

At this point you can pre-order this kit at the link below. You will be contacted when the final price is established and
asked for an OK before proceeding.
http://www.pcs-electronics.com/ssbcwfma ... -1048.html

Its a good idea to get the issue of Elektor magazine containing SW capture, or at least the article, available
as pdf. We are not allowed to distribute it as it is copyrighted material. We do have everything else, including
the microcontrollers and the boards, so do not worry about those.

Once I get around to building my KIT I'll order the custom box which will also be available to the general public.
I'll do my best to order a nifty case and we can even silkscreen it, if there's enough demand for the boxes.
Anyone with suggestions as for the design of the box is welcome to post.

Anyway, I hope this thread will grow in time and benefit everyone building these wonderfull receivers.
I hope people will suggest improvements, exchange tips, post experience and rare weak station receive reports.

Let's work on this together and have lots of fun with this receiver. Can't wait to get mine finished!! =P~

73 ES MNI DX de Marko - S57CNT
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