Day one - Start of assembling

Elektor all-mode full coverage short wave receiver project

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Day one - Start of assembling

Post by pcs »

Its sad how everyone is too busy nowadays to pursue their hobbies,
including myself. Years ago in high school this KIT would have been No1
priority and I absolutely would have to assemble it immediately, ignoring
school, homework and everything else :) Of course nowadays things work

However, today I had a bit of free time, not something that happens very
often. So I looked around and saw this KIT in the corner, waiting for me to
grab the soldering iron and start working.

Here's how everything looked when I started. Note how this kind of precise
work requires very steady hands so I included a can of beer to assure 100%
steady hand ;)

A couple hours later this is what I had on my desk:

Problems (Elektor guys, you naughty lot) noticed so far:
- 7805 regulators have to be turned as on my photo, not as shown by silk-print.
- Be carefull how you turn the keys, they must be turned as shown on my photo. Nothing was mentioned in instructions by Elektor.

I don't know when I'll have more time to finish it. Its definitely a one-long-day project,
it could be assembled in one day if you dedicated yourself 100%. I'd like to see more
of you guys out there post your experience, I know you're out there as you've been
buying the KIT. I hope you had time to finish it, unlike myself.

Anyway, here's the kit: ... -1048.html

Until next time, happy soldering!
Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
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