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A few tips and suggestions to make your shopping experience as smooth
as possible.

1. ) STOCK:
If you want to know about current stock for an item, check this: ... php?t=1509

2.) How much is shipping to xy country? How much is the total with VAT.....
To find out total cost including shipping simply place order online. Total cost
will be shown before you enter any payment details. You can quit the site at
that point and no order will be placed. You can return later and resume your
order (shopping cart contents will remain saved.

3.) How can I save a few extra percents?
You can sign up for our affiliate program, more details here:

Also, if you have a popular website, place any of these banners on your website: ... .php?t=761

Let us know the URL of your website and we may grant you ~ 5% rebate based on the
popularity of your website.

4.) We do answer every email and send every order as soon as we possibly can.
Still, you can help us speed up this process, please [-o< follow these guidelines:

- If you need a quote, see point 2 above. This way you get your quote including shipping and VAT.
- First search for answer in our guides/forums/website.
- When emailing ask clear precise questions, preferably numbered such as:
1. what is...
2. how long...
3. is this....

- If you still have questions, ask via e-mail contact form here: ... act_us.php

- Form clear sentences. Sometimes we get one long sentence with no comas,
no dots and no common sense. #-o

-If you want your totals in Kuwait dinars, Shekels or some other exotic currency,
use this link:
Decimal separator is a dot!

- If you can speak English, please ask in English. This way you get a faster
answer and a much more elaborate answer. If you have a english speaking
friend, this might be a time to buy them a beer :wink:

-Finally stop using bad spam filters or whitelist us, about 5% of our emails to our customers
end-up in spam filters. if you want to get our answers, make sure your email is working.

Please follow these simple rules and you will be doing us and yourself a very big favour,
your package will ship sooner and your answer will be in your email really fast!

Your PCS Electronics team!
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