Welcome to the low power FM radio Forum at PCS-Electronics.c

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Welcome to the low power FM radio Forum at PCS-Electronics.c

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Welcome to the low power FM radio Forum at PCS-Electronics.com


The purpose of the board is for the exchange of general and technical topics and ideas related to radio, transmitters, broadcasting, and electronics in general.

Operating Practices:

Use a subject line that indicates the subject of your message.

Threads that contain flaming will be removed.

Make sure there is something of value in each message you send to the list. Avoid messages that are a complete reprint of someone else's message, with nothing but "I agree" or "Me too" added to the bottom -- not much value there.

Personal attacks, bashing, advertising and pornography will not be tolerated!!

Posting links pointing to other similar websites (abused for cheap promotion by some individuals) is allowed only, if the target website provides a link to our website as well. I believe it is only fair that reciprocity applies here.

Let's try to keep things relatively clean. Just use common sense in regard to the way we conduct ourselves and there should be no problems.

This site is for your enjoyment. These simple rules should make this a good place to enjoy our common interests.

Thanks in advance

PCS Electronics team

WARNING: Failure to follow the rules will result in immediate banning from the board and notification to your IP provider. We reserve the right to delete any posts or topics we find questionable or not appropriate without an explanation and to ban their author at our discretion.
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