Are you using our old email address?

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Are you using our old email address?

Post by pcs »

A few years ago we disabled our old sales e-mail, starting with sales@pcs-ele....

Due to amazing amounts of spam we disabled it and put up an automatic notification
system, telling anyone still using old address to go to our website and use contact-us

It turns out some spam filters and even ISPs block this notification leaving people
with lost e-mails (and wondering what is going on). Some especially bad ISP's are
blocking some legit e-mails without even telling their customers about fiiltering.
Comcast is probably the worst of the bunch, just do a quick search in Google and
you'll find pissed-off customers everywhere.

Anyway, if you're not getting any response to your e-mail or are still using our old
sales@pcs.... email address, try this:

1. Pop over to our contact us page and enter your message there, our sales representative
will contact you and you can reply to his subsequent emails without using the contact us
page. Contact us page is here: ... act_us.php

2. Make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly, customers make this mistake daily
and our answers bounce with "user does not exist" error message.

3. Make sure your reply-to address is set correctly. As stupid as it may seem, many people
mistype their e-mail addresses in their reply-to settings in their email client programs. A result
of this is that all emails of people trying to reply to their emails are lost. You'd be surprised how
often we see this.

4. If you're not getting through with one e-mail (give it 1-2 days first, we could be busy), try another.
Your ISP might be blocking our e-mails. Comcast is ISP from hell, avoid it like plague.

5. You can also leave us a private message here in the forum.

Just remember that we do answer every e-mail and if you're not getting any response it means
there is a problem somewhere.
Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
Turn your PC into a FM radio station!
fax +386 4 2316 128
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