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You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Why are all morning shows the same? Well, it's for the same reason you stop on a channel you weren't looking for while looking through the 300 channels you have available on your cable or satellite dish. You can be flippin through channels real fast but if you see any of the following you will usually stop and watch for a few minutes

(1) Cleavage, Hooters, Boobs
(2) A nice ass, buns, abs
(4) Anything sexual (jokes, talk, anything... none of us get enough)
(5) A stripper (male or female)

Radio morning shows hope that if you hear them talking about any of the above stuff you will stop long enough to become caught up in the talk/humor and somehow remember to put the fact that you listened for at least 15 minutes in the Arbitron diary. (There's no point in saying "Rating Service Diary" anymore... Arbitron is the only one anyone uses and we're stuck with it.)

KRUD Listener Tip: Speaking of Morning Shows... here's the formula. No matter where you live or listen it's pretty much the same.

One male jock with an over inflated ego who dreams of being a stand-up comedian (but isn't funny) If a morning show was the solar system... he would be the sun. All the other players rotate around him.

One female sidekick with personal problems. She may or may not look good and have big hooters. She probably whines a lot about her love life and gets the pity of the audience.

One Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. sidekick/producer to add that "all inclusive feel" and get coffee for the rest of the staff and go do stupid stunts and harass listeners outside of the radio station.

One perky or dumb intern (usually clueless) the public can identify with.

Note: on ethnic stations all of this is the exactly the same except the producer or intern is usually a dumb white guy.

This has been the formula for most major market morning shows for the last 10 years or so and will continue for the foreseeable future.


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Stripper: Sex, Power and Office Politics at MicrosoftMicrosoft: Sex, Power &
Women behaving badly?
As much as any man, women contributed to the
sexually charged environment at Microsoft.

Popular wisdom holds that Microsoft used to be a "boyz club" for
nerds, where sexism, sex discrimination and sexual harassment ruled.
It is also commonly believed that men were solely responsible for
this, and women have had to tame the men of Microsoft. Oh, really?
This is half the truth. The other half is that women contributed at
least as much, if not more, to the sexually charged environment at
Microsoft. Here are just a few examples:
While sitting at my desk in Building 6 one warm afternoon late in
the summer of 1988, several OEM account managers and admin
assistants suddenly began crowding into my office. "What's going
on," I asked. Someone explained that Jeff (a sales manager) was
interviewing for a new admin assistant, and, this being his
birthday, the HR rep (a woman) in charge of recruiting for OEM
Sales had hired a stripper to pose as an applicant. My office,
which looked out into the courtyard, provided a clear view into
his office, and no one wanted to miss the show. A moment later,
the HR rep showed up with the stripper and escorted her into
Jeff's office. I could see how embarrassed Jeff became when the
young woman turned on a tape player she had brought with her, and
began dancing. Everybody (especially the women) started laughing
at his discomfort and clapping when she began disrobing to the
music. Now, I'm a healthy heterosexual male, but I was deeply
disturbed by this -- how are you supposed to concentrate on your
work after an attractive young woman gets nearly naked in the
office across from you? Jeff was a good sport about it, but it was
obvious he didn't appreciate it.
Carole, our (female) department head's admin, was born in England,
raised in Canada, and moved to Washington state with her husband,
who was born in Washington but raised in California. Carole liked
to wear low cut, tight sweaters that accentuated her surgically
enhanced cleavage. She also liked to go into her male coworker's
offices after they had gone home for the day, and load up bitmaps
of naked women* as wallpaper. She thought it was really funny to
tease her male coworkers this way. One day, she stopped by my
office to show off her 4" high heels (she knew I think high heels
are silly). "These are my FM shoes," she said. "FM? What's that,"
I asked, falling for the bait. "Fuck Me," she giggled, before
strutting away. Another time, she rushed into my office and
laughed, "You're a nice guy, Rod, but you can be replaced by a
younger man," then rushed out. When Tim Allen first appeared on
cable TV with his "All Men Are Pigs" routine, she taped it and,
with our department head's permission, set up a TV and VCR in the
OEM Finance conference room and played the tape several times. Oh,
by the way, most residents of Washington state will know Carole
from a popular product she created: the Washington Native bumper
sticker. She also created several others in a series that includes
Washington Transplant and others.
* In fairness, it should be noted that Carole did not bring
these bitmaps, but downloaded them from the network. At that
time, Steve Ballmer's infamous collection of scanned nudie
images were readily available...if you knew where to look.
Carole did.
During the almost 4 years I worked at Microsoft, the women I met
there seemed to come in two categories: those who wanted a career
(the minority), and those who wanted a Microsoft millionaire (the
majority). It was common to see new female employees walking down
the hallways looking for promising male candidates, and many
stopped by my office to introduce themselves. I liked the
attention, at first, but after Heather, one of my coworkers, told
me what was going on, I felt like a piece of meat -- a "success
object." A long-time supporter of the feminist opposition to
objectification, I found the fastest way to stop their harassment
was to smile and tell them I was a low-level administrator. The
term "faster than a speeding bullet" could almost describe how
quickly they left. Where most of the men at Microsoft came for a
career, their motives were as carnal as they were materialistic.
If anybody has been guilty of making the workplace at Microsoft
"sexually charged," they are.
In 1990, everybody knew about the woman in building 8 (where I
worked from 1989 through 1991) who wore the leather miniskirt. She
flaunted it, wearing miniskirts, tight sweaters, low cut blouses,
and high heeled calf high boots. No one dared comment to criticize
or compliment, because we all knew she was looking for any excuse
to cause trouble. One might almost say she was creating a "hostile
work environment" for men.
As is common in every other office I've worked in, the women at
Microsoft talked about almost nothing but sex. It was quite common
for my single female coworkers to gather in the hallway to discuss
their latest sexual conquests. Indeed, Tracy took special delight
in it because, as a Mormon, she wasn't supposed to do that kind of
thing, and she enjoyed it more because she believed it was a sin.
Callie took it one step further, letting many single guys know she
and her husband had an open relationship, and she loved sex. (She
also liked to brag about all the anti-depressant drugs she was on.
Wonder why.)
One afternoon while walking down the hallway of the northeast
corridor on the first floor of Building 8, I overheard two women
ahead of me talking about a woman one of them had just interviewed
for a position in Marketing. She said the applicant had all the
necessary qualifications, but "she belonged to the wrong sorority
in college." Discrimination by any other name,...
As much as so many of the Microsoft women played the game, they
were hateful of any other woman who was more successful at it than
they were. Trish, whose beauty had begun to fray from her years of
chasing after small-time rock stars, was out to find herself a
husband, and she let a lot of us know it. Several other women I
knew complained to me about how "brazen" she was. As if it's
"brazen" for a woman to declare she wants a husband, but not
brazen to stand around in the hallway talking about sex.
The one thing most men don't fully comprehend is the women's
grapevine. You find out all sorts of things about people by
listening. Things like who's sleeping with whom, who's having an
illicit affair, who got ahead by sleeping with the right person.
One day I was disappointed to find out a woman I had greatly
admired (and had always thought of as being inaccessible to a man
like me because she was so close to the top) had secured a very
big promotion for a guy she was sleeping with. Although the
popular wisdom is that the men at Microsoft have been guilty of
offering to boost the careers of female subordinates who sleep
with them, the truth is a significant number of women at Microsoft
have been just as guilty of this kind of sexual harassment.
Indeed, had I been more open to my department head's attentions,
by now I might have been a Microsoft millionaire, too.
Pat, one of my coworkers, made a habit of coming into my office
and commenting on how sexy I looked in my jeans. Upon one
occasion, Tim, our controller, joked that, for all they knew, I
could be sitting behind my desk naked from the waist down. "Now
I'm doubly impressed," she said. Such attention at work made me
very uncomfortable.
Lorraine, a manager, was always telling off-color jokes at work.
On one occasion when her team was going to be visited by members
of the press, she noticed that one of her male subordinates was
wearing jeans that did not have a flap covering his zipper. She
whipped out a black marking pen and offered to color the zipper
for him.
Marlene was a sexy admin who made a habit of wearing tight white
sweaters and no bra. In another time and place, that would be very
nice; at work, it was distracting and inappropriate.
Nancy, an HR rep, once scolded me for using the word, "gal."
"That's sexist," she said. I asked her if the word "guy" was
sexist. "No," she said, "but gal is." There's a double standard in
there, somewhere.
I've left out most of the details, and I could provide dozens more
detailed examples, including the full names of everyone involved.
(I'm a writer, I kept notes. Just as I kept detailed notes at my
last place of case anyone there is reading this.)
But these should suffice to make my point -- yes, the work
environment at Microsoft is (or was) sexually charged, and some of
that, certainly, was due to male chauvinism. But there were a lot of
women there who fully supported it, fed it, and used it to their
advantage. As badly as some men behaved, there were a lot of women
right there beside them and, in some cases, leading the way.
And Nell charged me with sexual harassment for just one time
complimenting another one of her subordinates? Uh-huh. Jealousy can
be an ugly thing, but I'll get to that story later.

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LOL! Your discription sounds almost like a Radio Studio Sitcom from the 70's (WKRP in Cincinnati).



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It only rains twice a year in London: August through April and May through July.

The rear end of a trilobite is called a trilobutt.


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