2 PCS FM DIPOLE making nosie

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2 PCS FM DIPOLE making nosie

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whats good , today we got our PCS FM DIPOLE 87-194(1000W) and we stack them with the 2 way splitter and when we power up the 150 watts transmitter , we started hearing bum bum bum bum nozie and when we disconnect one of the antennas it would sound like it suppose too, now we did have the PCS 66-108 and one of the PCS FM DIPOLE work together but we dump the 66-108 and now we are trying to firgure out how to get both of the antenna (PCS FM DIPOLE 87-194 1k) to work together my beat guess is, they to close at 3 or 5ft i know we just replace the 66-108 with the PCS FM DIPOLE 87-194 and never move the 1st and just added the new one we got , any idea is welcome thanks in advance
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Bum bum bum is probably swr protection making "nozie" :)

1. The dipoles need to be 2.6m apart.
2. These dipoles are not wideband, they need to be tuned. Lookup table is not enough, this should be verified with SWR meter or even better antenna analyzer.
3. In multi-bay configurations each antenna should be tuned separately (with swr or analyzer), note there might be some influence from one to other antenna so tuning should be repeated to make sure. Than after you connect the splitter swr should be veried again, it should still be perfect.

While tunable dipoles are very cheap there is much more work in tuning them, especially in multi-bay configurations. The tuning chart can't account for exact type of installation, that is how far the metal pole is for example and what metal objects are in vicinity. So if you're going that way think about getting antenna analyzer: http://www.pcs-electronics.com/graphica ... -1553.html.

Advice: There is a reason why all pro installations use wideband dipoles. They are more expensive, but you can change your frequency any time, there is no tuning needed and antenna can't detune itself over time in strong winds for example as there are no movable parts.
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