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Best Non Tune Antenna

Post by lor »

I am looking for the best performing, easy to install, non-tune wideband antenna. My location is at the top of a gently sloping hill (63m high) and I would like to cover the slope and city at the bottom of the hill (Sea Level).
The mast can only be about 25 feet high (Higher than any building nearby) and the transmitter power is 300W. The area is built up urban city.

The two antennas I have been looking at are the PCS GP 87-108(1,000W) or the Wide Band FM Circular Dipole. (Not Stacked).

I know it is hard to say but what is the best antenna for me and what sort of range would I get?

Many Thanks

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Post by pcs »

I wrote already in this forum why circular dipoles work better in urban environments.

The problem of reflections is reduced. However I would get two of the dipoles, they have
slightly less gain than a vertical dipole.

GP also has slightly less gain than a vertical dipole, but its coverage is perfectly circular,
if mounted at the top of the pole. The other two have a slight dip due to pole shadow.
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