multiple frequencies on one antenna

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multiple frequencies on one antenna

Post by PSK »

Is it possible to combine 6 FM frequencies on one antenna? Can I reach some sort of compromise with an antenna the does not require tuning? Don't need much in range, just about 200 meters. TIA!
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Post by intertech »

Injecting multiple frequencies into a single antenna is possible by using a FM Star Point Combiner, these are expensive units and cost is determined by the power level but for a 6 way low power options expect to pay around 10,000 - 20,000 plus Euro but price is decided when the manufacturer receives exact information about installation.
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Post by pcs »

You can try this one: ... -1320.html

It is big and bulky and not cheap.

But for such small power/range (10-100mW or so) I'd try these cheap combiners: ... -1198.html
You'll have to use several to get to 4 ports.

Let me know how it goes, I am curious about the results.

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