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which antenna

Post by lazershot »

hello, my customer wants to run a pci max 3000+ pc transmitter card in his new pc. a couple of questions since idk much about this. i noticed that you can purchase 3 different types of cards: a 100mw, 1w and 3w platinum. what does that all mean? next, which would be the required items to make this all work? i read some other posts about a similar desired setup but did not have all the questions answered. i know the 1000w antenna would be desired by my customer. i also noticed that there were 2 (that i know of) different 1000w antenna's. what are the differences? thanks! =D>
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Post by pcs »

Note difference between W and mW.

mW is milliwatts, that is 1/1000 of a watt.

1000mW = 1W of power.

100mW is 0.1W of power.

There is another thing worth noting, MW is not the same as mW.
MW = 1000000W. That is 1 MEGA WATT. I am saying this
because we had a customer who expected pcimax 1000mW to
cover several hundred miles of range, all from his small PC with
tiny tabletop antenna. Yes, this is not a joke.

People, don't skip physics class, it gives you very valuable info that
everyone in 21st century should know.

As you can guess various models of PCIMAX cards have different output power.

One simple rule with antennas is that big is better. Small antennas are less efficient.
Mobile antennas, "duckies" and small antennas such as included with pcimax offer
limited range. If you want serious range you will have to put your antenna outside
and high up, the higher the better.

A few easy to use antennas are:
- Comet

-GP, completely no tune:

- Directional, but also no tune and nice gain and lots of range:
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