Trying to understand crazy FM Radio reception??????? HELP ME

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Trying to understand crazy FM Radio reception??????? HELP ME

Post by jbbcd »

Why don't I have a single problem receiving FM radio stations while I'm in my car driving next to buildings, up & down hills etc, etc, etc with in a 50 mile radius!!!
But go figure, when I try to get radio stations with my home receivers (3) I have nothing but problems. On a good day i can receive one good station that is about 5 miles away. LOL
So what do I do, start researching the net to find the problem. Surprised to find much much & loads & loads of different types of antennas etc, etc, etc.........
So back to my question, My car radio has zero problems any where I drive, and get this I don't even have to turn the antenna every time I turn a corner.
What am I missing here.
Why can't I get the same or better FM reception in my house? with out having to turn an antenna or having it 30 feet in the air??
I just don't understand.
Please, can some one help me out here??
I just don't get it.
Please explain!
Thank you
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Post by Jallenbo »

What kind of antenna are you using? The antenna cable might be damaged, or it's not properly connected to the receiver.
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Post by bganson »

Most automobiles have an excellent receiver antenna system. Most portable and home receivers are not as good probably because the designers don't plan for listeners to be listening to far off stations. A good home receiver with connections for an outside antenna is the best you can do.
I use a low power transmitter at home to rebroadcast streaming internet radio. In the car I can get the signal for about a 3km radius. The best portable I have will only get the signal for about 1km. The difference the receiver sensitivity and antenna system.
My receiver at home gets almost no reception without the outside antenna.
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Post by pcs »

Today 90% of receivers are crap. Sorry. Designers care about profit and modern radio chipsets are bullshit when compared to discrete solutions from the 70-90 era.
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