Question about the low power single dipole antenna.

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Question about the low power single dipole antenna.

Post by mhaag »

On your site you are selling a low power dipole antenna.
I am experimenting and testing low power FM transmitter (up to 1 watt)
Do you think this antenna is suitable for this kind of transmitter (88 - 108 mhz)
And what connector should I use on the antenna ?

Behind the transmitter there is a BNC connection (female)

So all together : what plugs/ connectors should I use, what cable should I use to make the antenna work.

Thanks for helping me out.

Is it important to determine the SWR for this antenna, or is this not neccesary for this transmitters ?

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Post by pcs »

This dipole antenna has F connector on one side and you need BNC male on the other
due to your transmitter.

So yes, you can use it. At 1W I wouldn't be too worried about SWR.
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