Searching for an aerial

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Searching for an aerial

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Currently I have a dipole in the loft cut to my chousen frequency and with a balun. The aerial is duel purpose, in that when i'm not transmitting throught it i'm using it to recieve. Obviously with it been cut reception is poorer at the opposite end of the band. When transmitting I have to use around 4 watts to get coverage.

So what i'm looking for is an aerial, that I can transmitt throught and recieve throught, which can cover the whole band and withstand up to a maximun of 4 watts. I allso need it to be as discreet as possible, Hopefully with an out door aerial I will beable to turn the power down to about a watt.

Another problem is, I will have to get an installer to fix the aerial to the roof, I am obviously abit nervous, as I don't want them to find out about my transmission.

The choices are PCS-0210 Single Circular Dipole, I am kean on this because of the look and size of it, it would'nt need to be too high to clear the roof and as it sates can be used in a reciever.
Question about this can it be directly connected to the top of a mast without a boom? the boom looks quite small ... -1103.html

The secound choice is the Stacked or single dipole antenna , obviously it could handle 4 watts if I needed it. But it is larger so would need to be higher to clear the roof and there would be mast and then a boom arm and then the aerial its self, so over all would attract more attention. ... p-327.html[/url]
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