RDS MAX 4000+ serial protocol

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RDS MAX 4000+ serial protocol

Post by Yagi »

As a satisfied RDS MAX 4000+ user i'm looking for a list of the complete serial protocol to control the rds encoder.
At the end of the manual there are a few examples and they are clear to me, but i want to control time/pty and more.
Also in the manual it says that the whole protocol will be published, i searched the forum but could not find it.

I already looked in the VB sample code and found a bit more, but to go through the whole source code for the commands is a real pain in the a** :D
A (pdf) list would be more handy.

In my radiostation i use an AMX control system and i want to control the RDS MAX 4000+ with it, for example a dj could change the PTY with a simple press on the touchpanel.
Also i have a DCF controlled clock which i want to update the time from the rds encoder.

Other things:

When will the RDS MAX 4000+ support PTYN?

And is it possible to make my own rds blocks, on a other station i use rds block 6A to check transmitter power/swr/temperature so i simply tune to this station and i can check the transmitter status at home.
They use a XXXX which is capable of making any rds block you want, a feature i want to implement on my own station.
Not a offence to XXXX but i have the idea that the RDS signal of my RDS MAX 4000+ last longer then the XXXX so i want to stick with my RDS MAX instead of changing to a XXXX.

And is there any change that there will be a Linux/Ubuntu program to control the RDS MAX? all the computers on my station run Ubuntu for safety and it would be great if i could configure the RDS MAX with it.

I hope you can help.

Greetings Yagi
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Post by pcs »


contact me via email and we will discuss. We are preparing update to the popular
RDS MAX series soon so your comments can influence the design greatly.

We will discuss details via email.
Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
Turn your PC into a FM radio station!
fax +386 4 2316 128
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