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New RDS Owner and User

Post by sparcnz »

Hi All,

I just received a nice new CyberMax+ Series Unit. First impressions "VERY GOOD"
I purchased with the RDS4000+ install.
I am slowly working through the whole unit, but have a couple of questions that I can't work out.

1. I have installed the RDSMAX 4000+ software, I checked the comport setting for the USB connection (via control panel, com3) but I can't seem to see if it is communicating to it.
The software does not (from my view) to be able to read the RDS 4000+ board. Is this correct or shouldit read it?

2. I read that the RDS should/could display onthe LCD screen. Is this the same screen that the TX uses, or do I have to purchase another LCD screen? Believe it would be nice to see what TX RDS is.

3. The broadcast software I use is Linux based (Rivendell). Is there a driver, software package to allow me to work under Linux? I can set it up under Windows, it will be when I wish to try "Now Playing" from Rivendell.

4. Looking at the software there is a lot of feilds in it, "Country", Country-ECC" etc, is there any information on what all this is?

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