RDSMAX4000 and time sync

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RDSMAX4000 and time sync

Post by dingle »

Hi, got another query.

When the RDSMAX4000 unit is powered down say for a day or two, when powered back up the time is incorrect. It seems that during normal operation the time goes slightly out aswell over the course of a week and need to perform a manual sync every so often with the PC to get the time synced back right.

Is there an option in the RDS software to automatically update the time from the PC every so often? Or if not, can this be done using a script? The RDS box is always connected to the PC via serial cable so this isn't a problem.

Cheers for you help in advance! :)
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Post by pcs »

You can send commands to encoder via RS-232 port (com port). Look at the manual, the protocol
is described there. You can write a program to control any aspect of the RDS, if you wish.

If you get stuck at some point contact me and I will help.
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