RDS4000+ RDSencoder

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RDS4000+ RDSencoder

Post by Yagi »

Since a few weeks i have the new RDS4000+ RDSencoder in use and i have to say it's GREAT!
I'm a real 'time' freak :D so this new function @TIME and @DATE really fits my needs! (normal time in RDStext)
Also i'm not a radiostation but a DX amateur with wideband fm so in bad conditions i can switch-off RDS by a mouseclick... :lol:

This new RDS4000+ is really a fine piece of artwork. (an indeed the PCB is a beauty)
I only have to small things, if you read the manual it's say when j11 and j12 not installed you should have 38400 baud but i have j11 and j12 not installed and it works on 14400baud it's not a big thing but when you are in a testing fase it can be a real pain in the b*t.
And can you tell me what the level should be from the external 19Khz? for my RDSmax3.0 i used a 5v pulse direct from the se4+ atmel but i have the feeling this is to big for the RDS4000+ (maybe i have to go back to the original se4+ 19khz sinewave output after the d/a converter)

In an another post i wrote that i had blownup my RDS3.0 with a voltage difference between my scoop and RDSencoder #-o
I wrote an email to Marko if i could get a new atmel processor to repair it, he told me to mention this with my order and i get one for FREE! =D>
So i have my discount and a free atmel processor, this is really superb service.
My RDS3.0max is up and running again :lol: i will give it to a good friend who has no RDS (yet)

So many thanks to pcs-electronics you have perfect service and you make great! products.

Grtzz Yagi
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Post by pcs »

I'm glad you like it, in fact it is one of my favorite products.

Just like an artist likes some pictures better also designers love
some products more than others.

SE4000 and RDS MAX 4000 are at the top of my list. I think
they really kick ass.

Some new stuff coming later this year will kick ass even more (hint:TV).
Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
Turn your PC into a FM radio station!
fax +386 4 2316 128
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