How to do a factory reset?

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How to do a factory reset?

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It appears there is no overheating message all it says is please wait. When it shows me the please wait message it kicks me off the air. However during the first day I was able to push 125 watts no issue which confuses me more. I swear it had to be the software because as soon as I plugged into the software from PCS - my old transmitter settings got transferred over and that's when things went wrong - I can't reset the transmitter to factory settings to test this theory of the PCS software having transferred my 15 watt unit's settings. But my guess is that my PCS-Electronics 15 watt transmitter which also had the same exact software got setup and transferred over to the new transmitter. If they aren't the exact same model but similar models / modes - I fear my choice of plugging the new transmitter into the old software may have been one very expensive mistake with the settings from the previous transmitter - again the issues started after I setup the transmitter with the PCS software which still had the old 15 watt unit settings. Which is why I wonder about a factory reset option on the transmitter? I would love to know if there is a software offered by PCS-Electronics that would be the correct software for this 125 watt unit. It appears to be the STMAX3125
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There is no particular reset-all function. You can go to each and every setting in the menu and set it to Default.

Default setting is usually marked with D or Def.
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