AM audio processor.

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AM audio processor.

Post by AM-Boy »

Hello PCS Electronics,

Is it possible for you to think on making a standalone audio processor module special for AM transmitters.
Somethink like your "Limbo II DSP" but then special for AM.
So with compressor/limitter base/treble and switchable brickwall LP filter (some thing like 2,8KHZ/4,5KHZ/9KHZ/all-pass).
Maybe with an negative peak limitter?.
I don't know exactly what is possible with that DSP prossesor chip you are using on your stereocoders/AMMAXII etc.

I could think of maybe differend firmware on your "Limbo II DSP"?

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Post by pcs »

Actually this is all a part of AM MAX 3, but its not ready yet.

I'll think about selling it separately, thanks for the suggestion.
Best regards,
Marko - PCS Electronics
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