power variation of the am-maxII

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power variation of the am-maxII

Post by 2bradio »

I have some questions about the power of the am-maxxII,
the power is not stable when variate from freq.
for example when I alinge the carrier power on 1602KHz on 10Watt's
(for 100% modulation)
then it drops down to <4 watt or less on 1645KHz(also the modulation)
, it can be put on 10watts again with the potentiometer on the board,
but this is not what I expected of this (broadband) unit.
Also when I turn off the transmitter and after short time turned it on
again than the power is not the same or
comes up very slowly after some minutes.
Also the harmonic rejection is not -50db but only -28dbmax(@1645mhz).
I messure this on a good dumyload and proffesional power meter,
also the power suply is stable on 21Vlts so also this can not be the problem.
Does anybody have some sugestions for modification so that is
starting to work ok.?
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