Listener's Audio Quality Report

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Listener's Audio Quality Report

Post by AM-Enthusiast »

A listener to a broadcast of mine recently wrote in with the following report:

... "little fading with great audio. I'm using an SE-3 with my reciever's bandwidth set at 8.8khz and the bass is fantastic. It isn't muddy at all and it's tight. The speaking portions of the show reminds me of that 'NPR sound' - super analog & thick. Great audio processing."

It's nice to know that the PCS AM MAX II can deliver such quality. I performed the diode and toroid mods to my AM Max II to tweak the sound and get modulation levels above 100%. Of course, I use a good microphone, limiter and a clean audio chain to help bring the sound to its potential and the AM Max II has the quality to deliver this sound to the listener. :) :) The AM Max signal was amplified to 150 watts with 600 watt peaks. The listener was over 1,000 miles away.
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Post by 2bradio »

Hello AM-Enthusiast,

I orderd my AM MAX II today and I am glad to hear that yours perform so well.
I don't know your location but can i receive u in western europe ?
Is the diode and toroid mod documented in the manual?
Can u tell me something more about the 600W power amplifier u are using?.

With kind regeards.
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