AM Max Suggested Settings

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AM Max Suggested Settings

Post by lowga »

Recent purchaser of the AM Max. Interested in getting the best possible
sound out of the unit. Currently, I'm feeding it a mixture of MP3's and recorded voice ID's, with no live content. Using ZaraRadio 1.6 automation software.

At this time, I'd rather not open it up and make any hardware changes, so would appreciate suggestions on some "best settings" to try regarding
compression, pre-emphasis, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Post by pcs »

Attack minimal, decay some 100ms, low pass filter at 7500 Hz or off,
compression 8:1, threshold set for best laudness without distortion.

The rest does not matter much.

We'll have antennas and antenna tuners for AM soon, just need to place
them on the web, they're in stock already.
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