AM MAX Ordered but no response to e-mails

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AM MAX Ordered but no response to e-mails

Post by lowga »

I ordered an AM Max transmitter approximately five weeks ago, and paid by credit card. Despite repeated e-mails to Peter and the sales department, asking for an estimate on delivery times, I have not received a reply to those e-mails, nor have I received the unit.

I've purchased an FM transmitter from PCS in the past, and was very pleased---but I find the lack of customer service disappointing. I'm not expecting to receive the unit overnight but don't understand why the company can't take the time to respond to simple e-mails.

Peter, if you're reading this, please e-mail me at: to resolve this issue.

Thanks...looking forward to a great unit this time around too.

Posted on Feb 28, 2006.
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Post by 5r »

I think that e-mail from Marko explained what the problem is with your order. You should check your emails.

content of that mail :
It may have been a little over one month when you placed this order, but you had a number of guestions and wanted a number of changes to
the original product, which complicates things and delays delivery.

I expect it will take about 1 week more before we can ship the product.

PCS team
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