Part 15 antenna for AM MAX II

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Part 15 antenna for AM MAX II

Post by jbprptco »

Has anyone successfully loaded the AM MAX II to a 3 meter base loaded antenna used in the USA for part 15 low power AM broadcasting such as that shown at <advertising competing products not allowed, sorry> which has taps on the coil and a sliding arrangment of the copper pipe radiator for tuning, and having done this with just the AM MAX II's resourses, without using an antenna tuner. Under topic Lowest Power Possible Mark at PCS states that the MAX II can be adjusted down to 0 watts which should make it acceptable for USA Part 15 broadcasting, however tuning some low power transmitters with 50 ohms output to the 3 meter base coil loaded antenna can be difficult since the antennas don't generally have 50 ohms impedence. Comments from anyone including/especially from Mark. JimB
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Post by pcs »

Match boxes for 160m (radioamateurs-hams) are widely available.
As they use 50 ohms for output I can't see where the problem is.

I suggest searching the net for 160m ham gear, antennas, match boxes
and designs. Even the ARRL handbook contains some usefull stuff for this
frequency range.

If you find some cool stuff, post your links here.
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