Lowest Possible Power?

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Lowest Possible Power?

Post by RadioGeek »

Was someone going to post a chart listing the voltage/current input versus the RF power output?

What is the lowest possible power that can be cleanly atained using the AM Max 4-10 watt version? Would I be able to run it with a deluxe 12 volt power supply? How about a very nice filtered & regulated 13.8 volt 4 amp power supply from an old CB rig?

Any chance that you guys will create a version of the AM Max that adjusts from 100mW up to about 4 or 5 watts?

I'm trying to set up a free radiate system, using as much power as legally allowable, but I'm afraid that 10 watts is a little too much as the campus isn't terribly big. We had a carrier current system a number of years ago, but at that time there was only one power line into the camp. Now as the various facilities have been renovated and brought "up to code" we have power coming in from about 8 different sources. Clearly carrier current is more bother than it is worth for us. Free radiate is the way to go, but there are strict power level restrictions within 200 feet of the property line. I am hoping that the AM Max will adjust down low enough for us.

Thanks for the info. Your transmitters look Great by the way!
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Just use a short peice of wire...

Post by erobertg »

A short peice of wire (10-25 ft.) for antenna can be used.

Adjust to suit...
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Lowest possible output

Post by AM-Enthusiast »

In general testing I found that going below about 15 volts seemed to introduce problems. The signal seemed to clip hard with bass notes. At 16 volts you get around a 3 watt carrier and it is very clean.
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Post by pcs »

19V is about optimum for the AM MAX II and that is the power supply
that is included with AM MAX II. If you use more you risk damage
in situations with bad SWR. Less gives you less power, obviously.

About 15V is minimum to get AM MAX started.

If you need less than 3W, simply turn the carrier trimmer down
while observing the power meter to get desired power, than
reduce compressor threshold in LCD menu system until you get
clear modulation without overmodulation/distortion.

You can basically select any power between 0 and the maximum
for a given voltage.
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