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PCS D&M 50W digital TV transmitter/gap filler

Professional Digital TV DVB-H/T/T2 Transmitter/Exciter 50W UHF TV band from 470 to 860MHz

The TT12-50A is the most integrated and cost effective DVB-T/H modulator integrated with high performance power amplifier. The ultra linear power amplifier has been designed to cover the entire UHF TV band from 470 to 860MHz, offering unsurpassed solution for Digital TV operator.

Advanced features to secure SFN operating TT12-50A includes all the necessary clock and synchronization mechanisms required to operate DVB-T/H transmissions in Single Frequency Mode (SFN) applications. Specific processes have been implemented to manage input stream redundancy switching as
well as clock and time reference loss recovery, in the most flexible and efficient way. This provides the means for Broadcasters to maintain reliable Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation even after having detected stream or reference signal impairments (for example: missing MIP packet,
timestamp error, loss of 1 PPS, etc.

Performance & Reliability
The TT12-50A include all of the latest state of-the art technology for efficient digital transmitter. They provide designers with best of class performance, including a high MER value and excellent shoulder levels for DVB signals. Simple to use non-linear digital pre-correction circuits are incorporated to provide precise compensation for the output filter and power amplifier characteristics.

DVB-T/H: EN 300 744, ETSI TS 101 191, EN 302 304
DVB-ASI: EN 50083-9, ETSI TR 101 891
MPEG-TS: ISO/IEC 13818-1

MPEG-TS Inputs
2xASI BNC connectors, 75 Ω
188/204 bytes, Packet/Burst mode - 50 Mbps maxi
MIP processing, bit rate adaptation and PCR re-stamping
PID management (monitoring, filtering, remapping and insertion)

RF Output
RF from 470 to 860 MHz
1 x RF output: 50W – DIN 7/16 connector 50 Ω
Low level output available for monitoring - BNC connector 50 Ω
Channel bandwidth: 5,6, 7 or 8 MHz

High quality internal clock
10 MHz & 1 PPS external reference for SFN operation
Clock and time source redundancy management
Configurable 1 PPS input or output interface
10 MHz output
Optional GPS receiver

Digital Pre-correction
Linear and Non-Linear pre-correction (2x32 points- AM/AM and AM/PM)
Signal clipping (PAPR) Control&Monitoring TCP/IP web Interface

Built-in universal power supply
Dimensions : 499Lx482Wx133H (mm)
Temperature range: 0° C to 55° C

Electrical Specifications (64QAM,8K,BW=7.61MHz)
Parameter Min. Typ. Max Units Notes
Voltage supply 180 264 Vac
Output power 150 W AVG DVB-T, Shoulders<32dB
Output power 100 W AVG DVB-T, Shoulders<36dB
Operating Temperature range 0 55 ℃
Operating Humidity 0 90 %
Load Mismatch 3:1 VSWR
Frequency 470 860 MHz Full coverage without tuning
M.E.R. 33 33.4 dB
Shoulders 36 36.3 37.2 dB ± 4.2 MHz @ 105W AVG

PCS D&M units are drop-shipped directly from our partner facility in Taiwan. We will not charge VAT to EU customers, but you may have to pay VAT or import tax as the unit enters your country. Units have one year warranty, shipping cost under warranty is covered by customer. For additional info and prices please ask for a quote here.

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PCS D&M 50W digital TV transmitter  PCS D&M 50W digital TV transmitter   TT12-50A  7,799.00EUR
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