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CyberMaxLink8000+ 10W/20W/200W VHF/UHF STL audio link  

Need to send your audio from studio to the remote transmitter? Now with 10-25W of power and covering also UHF band! CyberMaxLink6000+ VHF/UHF Studio to Transmitter audio link is a MPX Stereo wideband FM audio system providing a high quality broadcast audio wireless bridge. These systems offer great value and work either in MPX or two-channel stereo mode and offer excellent overall performance.

Main features:
- Synthesized from 45-850MHz (specify 10MHz segment at the time of ordering)
- The transmitted and received frequency can be set by LCD display on front panel (UP/DOWN keys)
- Suitable for MPX systems (stereo encoder in studio) or for 2-channel systems (2 audio channels, left+right, with 19KHz notch filter to prevent beat frequency)
- Built-in speaker for easy monitoring at the receiving side
- Low THD distortion: the THD value with stereo or mono demodulated and deemphasized signals is negligible
- Flat frequency response
- Excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono or in stereo
- High sensitivity and RF immunity
- High adjacent channel rejection
- LCD Display: shows frequency and a number of other parameters (temperature, voltage etc)

Technical specifications for transmitter:
- Synthesized from 45-500MHz (specify 10MHz segment at the time of ordering)
- PLL step: 100KHz
- Modulation: FM, ±75 KHz peak deviation
- Frequency stability: <±200 Hz
- Output power: 10 or 25W, adjustable from 0 to max via LCD display
- Output impedance: 50 unbalanced, VSWR less than 2:1 for full output
- RF output connector: BNC female (rear panel)
- RF Spurious: >-75 dBc @ +- 1MHz min. away from carrier
- RF Harmonics: > -50-60 dBc Standard
- Monitoring Led: Power on, SWR/TEMP/PLL error
- Audio input connectors: RCA (cinch) and XLR (DSP version)
- Audio level: 1Vpp
- Audio input impedance: 10Kohms
- Pre-emphasis: Flat, 50 or 75usec, adjustable
- Audio channel frequency response: 20 to 15 KHz ± 0.15 dB
- MPX input frequency response: 10 to 100 KHz ± 0.15 dB
- AUX input frequency response: 10 to 100 KHz ± 0.15 dB
- Harmonic distortion (THD): > 0,1% ( 0,05% typ. )
- Channel separation: 40 dB min., 20Hz to 15kHz
- AUX / MPX input level: -10 to +13 dBm @±75 KHz deviation
- AUX channel input impedance: 10K
- MPX and AUX input connector: BNC-female
- Power supply: 110-240V 50/60Hz
- Operating temperature range: -15 to 45C
- Dimensions : 483 x 88 x 150 mm , rack std. 19”2U
- Weight: 2Kg

Technical specifications for receiver:
- Available for frequency: 45MHz-850MHz (specify 10MHz segment at the time of ordering)
- Built-in speaker for easy monitoring
- Sensitivity: ~1uV 10dB SINAD (varies with frequency band, falls rapidly above 600-900MHz, can be corrected with preamplifier)
- Frequency response MPX: 20 Hz to 60 KHz ±0.1 dB
- Stereo separation: 20 Hz to 15 KHz >40 dB
- 19KHz notch attenation: > 60 dB
- S/N Ratio : >65 dB @-40 dBm , 75 KHz dev. and 1 KHz mod.
- THD : 20 Hz to 53 KHz <0.3%
- Selectivity: ±160 KHz at -3 dB IF BW, ±500 KHz at -62 dB IF BW
- Image rejection: >65 dB
- Stereo audio output impedance: 50 ohm balanced
- Stereo audio output connector: RCA/CINCH female
- MPX output impedance: 75R
- MPX output connector: BNC female and XLR balanced
- Headphones output: >2x0.2 W stereo at 32 ohms
- Headphones output connector: 3.5mm stereo phone jack
- RF input impedance: 50ohm
- RF input connector: BNC Type - female
- AC power: 85~264VAC; 120~370VDC, full range universal input, can also work from 12-15V DC
- Power consumption: approx 20W from AC
- Operating temperature range: -15 to 50C
- Dimensions : 483 x 44 x 130 mm , rack std. 19”1U
- Weight: 2Kg

What's included:
CyberMaxLink6000+ 10W/25W TX+RX includes receiver and 10W/25W transmitter (1H rack) with mains power supply for both.
Antenna is not included, you have to select it as it is listed separately below. More antenna types available here.

CyberMaxLink6000+ 50W/200W TX+RX includes receiver and 50W/200W transmitter with built-in universal mains power supply for both.
Antenna is not included, you have to select it as it is listed separately below. More antenna types available here.

At the time of ordering please specify 10MHz frequency band, for example 210-220MHz.

To look for an alternative antenna check: here. 
To look for a suitable coaxial cable check: here. 
All our manuals and software are available here.



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CyberMaxLink8000+ 10W TX+RX + PSU  CyberMaxLink8000+ 10W TX+RX + PSU   50-500MHz (specify)  849.99EUR
CyberMaxLink8000+ 20W TX+RX + PSU  CyberMaxLink8000+ 20W TX+RX + PSU   50-300MHz (specify)  999.99EUR
CyberMaxLink8000+ 50W TX+RX  CyberMaxLink8000+ 50W TX+RX   50-850MHz (specify)  1,799.99EUR
CyberMaxLink8000+ 200W TX+RX  CyberMaxLink8000+ 200W TX+RX   50-850MHz (specify)  1,999.99EUR
2x STL Yagi 200-400MHz + 5m coaxial cable  2x STL Yagi 200-400MHz + 5m coaxial cable     349.99EUR
2x 4-element STL Yagi 300-500MHz + 5m coaxial cable  2x 4-element STL Yagi 300-500MHz + 5m coaxial cable   300-500MHz, N con, 8dBi  199.99EUR
2x6 element Yagi 400-470MHz + 5m coaxial cable  2x6 element Yagi 400-470MHz + 5m coaxial cable     299.99EUR
Mostrando 1 a 7 (de 7 produtos) Páginas de Resultados:  1 
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