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Coaxial cable - Various types  

Coaxial cable of various types

Your transmission system is only as strong as its weakest link. Using cheap or inferior cable can severely limit your broadcast power and range. The best way to determine if a cable is right for your application is to make sure that it has a low dB loss at your frequency. Belden is an internationally recognized brand and stands for good quality cables. Cables are available with professional connectors installed, please specify type at ordering!

There are two types available, smaller diameter H-155 and semi-rigid thicker H-500. For short runs (~ 5 meters) it doesn't make sense to invest into expensive cable, but as your cable length approaches 10-20m or even more, it becomes a real problem and it is worth spending a little extra. If you wish to order greater length of cable than displayed below, simply order 2 or three of a given lenght. For example, if you order 2x20m of Belden H-155, we won't cut the cable but rather send you a full length of 40m.

 Technical specifications for RG178/U TEFLON brown:
- Diameter 2 mm, our tiniest cable
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz ~25dB
- Suitable for very short runs (1m-2m) and not more than 100W power
- Very suitable for internal interconnection due to heat resistance, virtually impossible to burn isolation while soldering, also suitable for wilkinson combiners and wideband transformers.

 Technical specifications for RG174:
- Diameter 2.8 mm
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz 30dB
- Suitable for very short runs (1m-2m) and not more than 40W power
- Maximum recommended power handling 40W

 Technical specifications for RG58C/U:
- Diameter 4.95 mm
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz 15.3dB
- Suitable for short cable runs, up to 5m
- Maximum recommended power handling 100W

Technical specifications for RG213U:
- Diameter 9.5 mm
- Velocity factor 66%
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz 7.8dB
- Suitable for medium cable runs, up to 10-15m
- Maximum recommended power handling 1000W

Technical specifications for Belden H155:
- Diameter 5.4 mm
- Velocity factor 79%
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz 9.3dB
- Suitable for short cable runs, up to 5-10m
- Maximum recommended power handling 150W

Technical specifications for RG142/U high temperature teflon:
Dual silver shields. Brown tinted FEP jacked
- Diameter 4.9 mm
- Velocity factor 70.9%
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz 5.5dB
- Suitable for longer cable runs, up to 20-30m
- Maximum recommended power handling 1300W
This is the best cable for Wilkinson combiners, internal wiring and all applications which require direct soldering, good power handling and high temperature resistance. This is the cable to use for internal wiring in high power amplifiers (more than 300W).

Technical specifications for AIRCOM PLUS:
- Diameter 10.8 mm
- Velocity factor 83%
- 81pF/m
- dB loss/100m @ 100MHz 3.3dB
- Suitable for longer cable runs, up to 50m
- Maximum recommended power handling 1200W
Our best low cost coaxial cable, if you want even less loss look at cellflex cables!

Technical specifications for Tri-Lan 400 WLL:
- Diameter 10.3 mm
- Core: copper, 2.7mm
- Minimum bend ratio 50/100mm
- Weight 0.2Kg/m
- Velocity factor 83%
- 80pF/m
- Screening factor: >90dB
- dB loss/100m: 3.0dB @ 50MHz, approx 3.8 @ 100MHz, 4.9dB @ 150MHz
- Suitable for longer cable runs, up to 50m
- Maximum recommended power handling: 3000W/30MHz, 1500W/150MHz

Technical specifications for H2000 flex
- Cable diameter 10.3 mm, PVC black
- Core: copper, 2.62mm
- Dielectric: PE foam
- Weight 0.14Kg/m
- Velocity factor 83%
- 80pF/m
- Screening factor: >90dB
- dB loss/100m: 2.7dB @ 50MHz, 3.9 @ 100MHz
- Suitable for medium/long cable runs, up to 50m, it is very flexible and thus easy to work with
- Maximum recommended power handling: 1500-2000W @ 100MHz (2000W in cold climate only).

Technical specifications for H2010 LOW LOSS (UV resistant, >105dB shielding, new gas expanded triple layer)
- Cable diameter: 10.3 mm +/-0,15mm, very flexible PVC, black, UV resistant
- Core: copper, 7x1,0mm, total diameter 2.9mm
- Dielectric: tripple layer, PEG 7,3 mm
- Outerconductor 1: copper foil CU-PET **
- Outerconductor 2: copper braid, opt. coverage 71% 144 wires
- Shield PVC high flexible, 10,2 mm, UV-resistant
- Weight 124 kg / km
- ** a CU-PET plastificated copper foil prevents that the foil may crack in case of a too small bending radius.
- bendingradius: 40 mm
- temperatur range in use: -55C --- +85C
- installation: -40C --- +60C
- DC resistor outer conductor 10 Ω / km
- inner conductor: 3Ω/km
- Capacity: 78pF/m
- Velocity factor: 83%
- Impedance 50Ω 3
- Peak voltage (Sparktest) 8 kV
- Screening efficiency: 100 - 2000 MHz >105 dB
- dB loss/100m: 2.76dB @ 50MHz, 3.99 @ 100MHz, 14dB @ 1000MHz
- Suitable for medium/long cable runs, up to 50m, it is flexible and thus easy to work with, excellent for lab work due to high screening.
- Maximum recommended power handling: 2500W @ 100MHz (1000W @ 430MHZ).

Technical specifications for EcoFlex 10:
- Cable diameter 10.2 mm, PVC black
- Core: copper, fi 2.85mm, 7x1mm
- Dielectric: LLC PE
- Weight 0.14Kg/m
- Velocity factor 86%
- 77pF/m
- Minimum bend ratio 40mm
- Screening factor: >90dB
- dB loss/100m: 2.6dB @ 50MHz, 4 @ 100MHz
- Suitable for medium/long cable runs, up to 50m
- Maximum recommended power handling: 1200W @ 100MHz

All cables are 50 ohms.

Installation of connectors includes connectors as well, connector type is usually crimp.

If you wish to buy more than 20m of cable (dropdown only allows 1-20), select 1 in the drop down list, click [Add to basket] button and on the next page change quantity as desired, than click [Update] to save change.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 January, 2006.
 *Please select the quantity for each item you wish to order and click the 'Add To Cart' button below.
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 
    Name+   Model   Select   Price 
1m Belden H-155  1m Belden H-155     0.99EUR
1m RG-178/U 2mm TEFLON brown  1m RG-178/U 2mm TEFLON brown     2.49EUR
1m RG142 TEFLON Hi Temp  1m RG142 TEFLON Hi Temp     7.49EUR
1m RG213U  1m RG213U     1.69EUR
1m RG58C/U  1m RG58C/U     0.99EUR
AIRCOM PLUS 50 - 20m drum  AIRCOM PLUS 50 - 20m drum     69.99EUR
AIRCOM PLUS 50 - 50m drum  AIRCOM PLUS 50 - 50m drum     169.99EUR
ECOFLEX 10, 1m  ECOFLEX 10, 1m     3.59EUR
H2000 flex, 100m  H2000 flex, 100m     215.00EUR
H2000 flex, 1m  H2000 flex, 1m     2.25EUR
TRI-LAN400 100m drum  TRI-LAN400 100m drum     189.99EUR
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 
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