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PC oscilloscopes PoScope from PoLabs  

We stock the new PoScope Mega!

These incredibly practical USB based instruments (requires a PC) work as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic generator and protocol analyzer and comes with powerfull windows software with a wide selection of functions.

Here are the drivers and manual.

What is included in PoScope Basic2 bundle version:
- 1 PoScope Basic2
- 2 PoProbe60 (60MHz oscilloscope probe)
- 1 PoProbeL2
- 1 USB cable
- 1 CD with software and manual

What is included in PoScope Basic2:
- 1 PoScope Basic2
- 1 USB cable
- 1 CD with software and manual

Following operation modes are supported by PoScope Basic2:
- 2-channel oscilloscope (marker measurements, triggering (absolute, differential, external) and adjustable pretrigger, signal voltage and frequency measurement, filtering, etc.).
- 2-channel spectrum analyzer (marker measurements, klirr-factor measurement, different window functions, filtering, etc.).
- 2-channel recorder (marker measurements, option to add 99 markers with comments, maximal, minimal and average voltage measurement for each channel, waveform record within several tens of hours, etc.).
- 16 (8)-channel logical analyzer (marker measurements, triggering (edge, level, mask) and adjustable pretrigger, external clocking (triggering), preset pulse miss, preset bit sequence/edge, decoding of the interface UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, etc.).
- 8-channel logical generator(tabular waveform formatting or direct timing chart plotting with mouse on the screen, etc.).

In addition, USB PoScope Basic2 oscilloscope ensures as follows:
- Add the comments to each measurement (to be recorded in the file with measurement results)
- Save all the measurement results as vector graphic, bitmap or text file for subsequent import to other programs or in the data or text file for subsequent analysis.
- Print all the measurement results.
- Copy all the measurement results to the buffer.
- Set the events and sounds.
- Calculate the different digital filters and perform the analog filtering.
- Perform the oscilloscope timing chart smoothing.
- Display the statistics for all the channels of logical analyzer and generator.
- Upgrade the device firmware with USB bus that allows supplementing the device features with any functions to order

Technical characteristics for PoScope Basic2:
- number of channels:  2
- sample rate 100 Hz 200 KHz
- buffer reading: 1126 sample/channel (1 channel), 563 sample/channel (2 channels)
- pipe reading: 64K sample/channel (1 or 2 channels)
- input voltage: -20 ... +20 V (hardware 2 sub-band)
- ADC capacity: 10 bits
- triggering: absolute (for rising/falling edge), differential (for difference between adjacent samples), external (for rising/falling edge of TTL levels) 
- window functions: Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Blackman-Harris
- sample rate: 0.01 Hz 200 KHz
- maximum record time: 24 hours at Fs < 100 Hz
- input voltage: -20 ... +20 V (hardware 2 sub-band)
- ADC capacity: 10 bit
Logic analyzer:
- number of channels: 16 (8 if logical generator is on)
- sample rate: 1 KHz 8 MHz
- memory depth:
 buffer reading (Fs=4-8 mHz):  128 bit/channel
 buffer reading (Fs=2-2.66 mHz): 1160 bit/channel
 buffer reading (Fs<=1 mHz):  1544 bit/channel
 buffer reading in concatenation mode: 1 Mbit/channel
 pipe reading (Fs < 500KHz): 4К to 256M bit/channel
- input voltage: 0 ... +5 V (available surge voltage protection)
- triggering: for edges, mask, miss pulses, external clocking
- clocking: internal / external
Logical generator:
- number of channels: 8
- sample rate: 1 KHz 1 MHz
- memory depth: 1544 bit/channel
- output voltage: "0" - 0 V, "1" - 3.3 V
- maximum input/output current: 10 mA

What is included in PoScope Mega1 Bundle:
- 2 PoProbe 60
- 1 PoProbe L2
- 1 USB cable
- 1 CD with software and manual

Using the Plug and Play USB technology, the PoScope mega 1 oscilloscope is easy to setup and use. The software is a fully featured oscilloscope, chart recorder, logic generator *, logic analyser *, and spectrum analyser with advanced trigering all in one easy to use package. Software in English, French *, German *, Italian * and Spanish * language.

PoScope Mega2 technical specifications:
Low current consumption: 60mA.
PoScope mega 1 modes:
2 +5 -channels oscilloscope
- Sample rate: up to 1MHz
- Input voltage: -20 - +20 V (0-3V on +5 inputs)
- ADC resolution: 12 bits
- Triggering: absolute, differential, external
- 2 +5 -channels spectrum analyzer
- Sample rate: up to 1MHz
- Input voltage: -20 - +20 V (0-3V on +5 inputs)
- ADC resolution: 12 bits
- Triggering: absolute, differential, external
- Window functions: Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Blackman-Harris
- 2 +5 -channels recorder*
- Sample rate: up to 1MHz
- Input voltage: -20 - +20 V (0-3V on +5 inputs)
- ADC resolution: 12 bits
- Triggering: absolute, differential, external
- Marker measurements
- Option to add 99 markers with comments
- Maximum, minimum and average voltage measurement for each channel
- Waveform record limited by your PC capacity
- 16-channels logic analyzer*
- Sample rate: up to 10 MHz
- Input voltage: 0 - 5V
- Triggering: edge, level, mask
- Decoding*: UART, SPI, I2C and 1-Wire and others
- 8 channels square signal and PWM generator
- Frequency: TBD Mhz
- Duty cycle: 1- 99% f=7,8125 kHz
- 8-channels pattern generator*
- Sample rate: up to TBD MHz
- Memory depth: 4000 bit/channel
- Output voltage: logic 0 = 0V, logic 1 = 3.3 V
- Maximum input/output current: 10 mA
- +5 channells*
* 5 aditional analog inputs 0-3,3V on logic port

* will be avaiable as a free upgrade

Minimum computer requirements:
- Minimum resolution 1024x768@24bit
- RAM 512 MB
- Processor 1GHz
- Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit
- free USB slot for each device

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 04 December, 2006.
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