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650W FM pallet amplifier (184XR)
650W FM pallet amplifier (184XR)
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1200W UHF TV Pallet 50V 3xBLF888A

1200W 470-860MHz UHF TV Pallet Amplifier

This revolutionary design is based on three NXP BLF888A 50V LDMOS transistors. The pallet is ideal for digital and analog TV broadcast applications. In DVB-T digital the pallet can do 280 watts. In analog application this amplifier can run up to 1000 watts peak-sync analog TV power.

- 470-860MHz UHF TV
- 1200W peak CW power
- Analog TV 45dBc 2 tone at 800-1000Wps typical. (without precorrection)
- DVB-T / DVB-H power shoulder <-30dBc: 260-300W (280W typ)
- 17-18dB gain typical
- 48-50V nominal (52V, 40A absolute maximum)
- Quiescent current: 4.2A
- Efficiency (280W DVB-T): 22% min, 28% typ
- Efficiency (800W Analog TV): 30% min, 36% typ
- Power out 1dB compression: 1000W min, 1200W typ
- Current consumption analog TV (black screen): 35A (1000Wps)
- Current consumption DVB-T: 27A (280Wrms)
- Temperature compensated bias
- Three LDMOS NXP BLF888A devices
- Input power 10 watts typ
- Operating temperature range -0 - +95 degrees C
- Storage temperature range -35 - +95 degrees C
- Load mismatch (full power, all phase angle): 2:1 max
- Size 165x190x33mm (6,49”x7,48”x1.3”)
- For more information please email.

- A good shielding between final stage and any driver/low power stage is required. Please foresee a good RF choke also on the supply wiring. 
- Excessive drive level can damage this amplifier!
- A suitable protection system should switch off (or reduce) the input power in case of excessive reflected power (load matching ≥ -10 dB). Due to extreme ruggedness of this NXP mosfet, this power amplifier can manage up to 1000Wps of reflected power but only for a short time (t ≤ 1 sec). If the load matching is higher than -10 dB, a suitable protection must be used in order to prevent damage.
RF pallets are sensitive devices, if you do not have sufficient experience please consider a finished product instead. They can be burned by applying too much drive power, too high supply voltage, not using proper heatsink, connecting mismatched loads or no load at all and also by soldering coax with too long leads. For this reason there is no warranty for any pallet. We do assure you that every pallet is tested and is 100% operational as it leaves our workshop.

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1200W UHF TV Pallet 50V 3xBLF888A PUHF1200  1200W UHF TV Pallet 50V 3xBLF888A PUHF1200   3xBLF888A  1,099.99EUR
Viser 1 til 1 (av 1 produkter) Resultat sider:  1 
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