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Professional 2-3.5GHz pro audio-video wireless link  

Hiqh quality STL studio video transmitter links

Transmit your video and audio program, events, parties and much more with the new SHF STL link series from PCS Electronics

The 2-3.5GHz link series is a complete analog system for those who need to transmit video and audio from studio to the remotely located transmitter (usually mountain top). The Hi-Fi VCO present in the link guarantees an incredible audio and video quality - punch and clarity. The system can be connected to 110/220V AC line. Transmitter is equipped with up to 4 audio inputs and 1 video input. Transmitters offers up to 5W of clean adjustable power. Also equipped with cavity filters with high gain RF cells for good selectivity.

- Video Input Level 1Vpp
- Video Input Impedance 75ohm
- Video Input ROS < -30dB
- Video Input Connector BNC Female
- Video Pre-emphasis CCIR (Rec. 405-1)
- Video Modulation +4MHz
- Audio Input Level 2 Vpp Nominal +6dB
- Audio Input Impedance 600ohm balanced / 10k unbalanced
- Audio Input Connector XLR Female
- Audio Subcarrier Frequency 7.02, 7.50, 8.065, 8.59MHz (other on request)
- Audio Modulation +75kHz
- Intermediate Frequency IF1 70MHz
- Intermediate Frequency IF2 700 to 1100MHz
- IF1 Input/Output Level 0dBm
- IF Input/Output Impedence 50ohm
- Image Frequency Rejection 65dB
- Output Power 5W (2GHz-3.5GHz)
- RF Output Impedance 50ohm
- RF Output Connector N Female 2-3.5GHz
- Spurious and Harmonic Level < -60dBc
- Frequency step: 100KHz
- RF input and output: N connector
- Range: 5Km, 50km with 25W amplifier.

- Intermediate Frequency IF1 70MHz
- Intermediate Frequency IF2 700 to 1100MHz
- IF1 Output Level 0dBm
- IF1 Input Impedance 50?
- Minimum Input Level -80dBm (with S/N=40dB)
- Maximum Input Level -30dBm
- Muting Threshold -75dBm
- Sound Subcarriers Frequency 7.02, 7.50, 8.065, 8.59MHz (other on
- Sound Modulation +75kHz
- Image Frequency Rejection >65dB
- Video Output Level 1Vpp
- Video Output Impedence 75?
- Video Output ROS < -30dB
- Video De-emphasis CCIR (Rec. 405-1)
- Sound Output Level 2Vpp
- Sound Output Impedance 600? balanced / 10k? unbalanced
- Sound/Video Output Connector XLR Female / BNC Female

- Frequency Band 2GHz, 3.5GHz
- Broadcasting Capability 1 video + 4 audio (with 3 Addictional Audio option)
- Differential Gain < 1%
- Differential Phase < 1°
- Group Delay < 20ns
- 2T K Factor < 2%
- Video Bandwidth (PAL) 2Hz to 5 MHz (+0.5dB) (other on request)
- Video Noise (weighted) < -70dB
- Sound Bandwidth 30Hz to 15kHz
- Sound T.H.D. < 1%
- AC Power Supply 220Vac / 110Vac +10% 50 / 60Hz
- DC Power Supply 36Vdc (TX) 24Vdc (RX) +20% (Negative to Ground)
- Dimensions 19" Rack - 3U
- Operating Temperature -5°C to +45°C
- Warranty: 1year

These specifications are subject to change without previous notice

What is included in Basic link package?
- Receiver + transmitter
- 2x Yagi antenna (9dB)
- 2x 5mts coaxial cable with connectors

What is included in Pro link package?
- Receiver + transmitter
- 2x dish antenna (120cm)
- 2x 10mts coaxial cable with connectors

IMPORTANT: When ordering specify required frequency band (write that under comments). At this time links cover 2000-3500MHz. For example 2000-2020MHz. Exact frequency can be selected via LCD display.

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    Navn   Modell   Velg   Pris 
Basic pkg 2-3GHz pro audio-video wireless link  Basic pkg 2-3GHz pro audio-video wireless link     6,750.00EUR
Pro 2-3GHz pro audio-video wireless link (5W with 2xdish antenna  Pro 2-3GHz pro audio-video wireless link (5W with 2xdish antenna     8,700.00EUR
25W amplifier for 2-3GHz video link (50km)  25W amplifier for 2-3GHz video link (50km)     2,300.00EUR
Viser 1 til 3 (av 3 produkter) Resultat sider:  1 
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