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STLMAX8000 1W STL transmitter + LCD (rotary button)
STLMAX8000 1W STL transmitter + LCD (rotary button)
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Professional 2H 19-inch rack  

Predrilled/ready for AM/FM/TV exciter and/or amplifier

Metal work is such a drag. And even after daunting hours of drilling and grinding your results won't come close to a factory-made enclosure with CNC-milled apertures. This professional 2H rack is a perfect solution for your FM exciter and/of amplifier. It comes with pre-punched holes for our LCD modules, XLR audio connectors, fans, N connectors, RCA connectors, mains power supply, D9 or BNC and others.

What is included?
- Metal parts of the enclosure (top, bottom, cover, front rack handles etc)
- Amplifier box with heatsink (no fans included, order those separately - 80x80x36 for 500W and up)
- Internal metal shields between exciter and amplifier/power supply
- Two M2.5 screws with IMBUS head for LCD module
- Front mains switch (green)
- Place for MAXPRO 3000+, MAX PRO 4025, TV MAX 2000/3000 and SE2000-5000 (these boards can be ordered separately)
- Place for IO board with 3 BNC connectors (this board can be ordered separately)
- Place for mains power supply and mains socket (order separately, one 80x80mm fan is also needed for mains power supply)
- Place for amplifier module and 4 fans
- Place for LCD module with button holes pre-drilled

You can order other accesories, such as:
- Fans
- Support feet
- Mains connector with switch, fuse and LC filter
- XLR connectors

You can order the suitable amplifiers here.
You can order the suitable exciters here.
You can order the suitable stereo encoders here.
You can order the suitable RDS encoders here.
You can order the suitable mains power supply units here.

Dette produktet ble lagt til katalogen Wednesday 24 October, 2007.
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    Navn+   Modell   Velg   Pris 
4 plastic support feet  4 plastic support feet     1,05GBP
5x M3 screw + nut + washer  5x M3 screw + nut + washer     1,31GBP
5x10mm metal distancers pack  5x10mm metal distancers pack     1,22GBP
5x10mm plastic distancers pack  5x10mm plastic distancers pack     0,87GBP
BNC connector for panel mount  BNC connector for panel mount     1,75GBP
Empty 1000W 2H rack + empty AMPBOX  Empty 1000W 2H rack + empty AMPBOX     219,99GBP
Empty 15W-300W 2H rack + empty AMPBOX  Empty 15W-300W 2H rack + empty AMPBOX     171,59GBP
Empty 300W-750W 2H rack + empty AMPBOX  Empty 300W-750W 2H rack + empty AMPBOX     184,79GBP
Mains socket + switch + fuse + LC filter  Mains socket + switch + fuse + LC filter     20,23GBP
Matching fan grill  Matching fan grill     0,87GBP
N female connector for panel mount  N female connector for panel mount     2,63GBP
Predrilled huge anodized heatsink for 50-300W pallet  Predrilled huge anodized heatsink for 50-300W pallet     52,79GBP
Predrilled huge anodized heatsink for 700W pallet  Predrilled huge anodized heatsink for 700W pallet     79,19GBP
SO239 panel mount 4 holes  SO239 panel mount 4 holes     2,63GBP
XLR connector for panel mount  XLR connector for panel mount     4,39GBP
XLR to encoder jumper cable  XLR to encoder jumper cable     0,87GBP
Viser 1 til 16 (av 16 produkter) Resultat sider:  1 
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