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PC-based FM transmitter packages (15W-400W)  


This package is based on our PCIMAX 3000+ PC based FM transmitter card, but also comes with an amplifier, coaxial cable, antenna and audio cables. This PC-based FM transmitter package operates in the whole band II, from 87.5 to 108 MHz. It is a relatively small, but still offers excellent build quality and reliability as well as excellent sound and clean stereo signal, including an optional RDS encoder. Output power can be adjusted from 0 to the max of 15W/25W/40W/400W. This is a perfect backup transmitter for a large radio station, main transmitter for a small community radio, drive-in cinema, church radio or pollitical campaign. Also very suitable for portable or improvized installations and small radio stations in Africa and other remote installations, for advertising (housing, shops), special occasions, wireless sound distribution, translation, tourism radio....
Note the amplifier can be installed far away from the PC which includes the PCIMAX card, amplifier can be installed closer to the antenna thus reducing coaxial cable losses. This way the only device in your studio can be a PC (with pcimax card installed) and everything else can be located under the antenna tower.

What is PCI MAX 3000?
PCI MAX 3000+ is a computer card that will change your PC into a FM stereo broadcasting radio station. , it is a small digital FM transmitter in a form of a PCI PC card. You will be able to play your audio files (CD, wav, MP3, real audio etc.) from your PC through radio waves directly to household radio receivers for an entire village or a small city. You need just an ordinary radio receiver to receive your signal. The included software (also available in the support section of this website) lets you set the frequency, output power, monitor power and temperature and set RDS parameters. You can either service your property, a village or an entire city!

- Your transmitter is inside a PC, except antenna and amplifier
- There is nothing looking like a noisy radio FM transmitter in your studio to see
- Enough power for up to 30Km range with 400W version, if terrain and antenna location are favourable
- Includes practically everything you'll need, even coaxial cable and antenna. Studio software can be purchased here. Suitable microphone can be purchased here, we recommend the DJSTAR ECM-140USB. Don't forget the stand.

- Needs the PC to be powered up at all times
- If Windows freezes your station goes off air.

- 5km-30Km and more, this depends a lot on terrain configuration and especially the location of the antenna.

- PCIMAX 3000+ 1W
- 1KW dipole antenna or better, if upgraded
- 10m coaxial cable with matching connectors
- FM amplifier/booster (15W/25W/40W/400W)
- Mains power supply for the amplifier, if neccesary (400W amplifier has internal mains power supply)

- RDS daughter board adds Radio Data System capability
- Studio software can be purchased here.
- Suitable microphone can be purchased here, we recommend the DJSTAR ECM-140USB. Don't forget the stand.

- Mains power supply for the amplifier needs mains cable (each country has a different mains plug and we don't carry all). This is standard cable used in your PC for example and its price is typically around 1 US$ or less. You can get it in any electronics store, such as radio shack, circuit city, any computer store etc. Installation is easy, you just plug it in (see your PC).
- You can upgrade to a better antenna, such as these here. A 4-bay vertical antenna system (such as system 8) will increase your radiated power x4 and your range by 2x.

Este produto foi adicionado ao seu catálogo em Friday 24 April, 2009.
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PC-based 15W transmitter package  PC-based 15W transmitter package     329.99EUR
PC-based 25W transmitter package  PC-based 25W transmitter package     439.99EUR
PC-based 40W transmitter package  PC-based 40W transmitter package     499.99EUR
PC-based 400-500W transmitter package  PC-based 400-500W transmitter package     899.99EUR
RDS daughter board v3.0  RDS daughter board v3.0     49.99EUR
Mostrando 1 a 5 (de 5 produtos) Páginas de Resultados:  1 
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