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1H 19-inch rack (rotary button, space for audio and IO board)
1H 19-inch rack (rotary button, space for audio and IO board)
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LYRA digital on-air and production mixer  

The Lyra is a fully digital desktop production mixer. Its concept originates from heavy investigations among end users and distributors looking for a versatile compact small universal desktop mixer.

The core of the Lyra is a sophisticated DSP engine. This processing engine involves the latest developments in DSP technology by Texas Instruments. An intense cooperation between T.I. and D&R has resulted in a digital audio mixer offering tremendous DSP power and a superb sonic quality. Although the Lyra is a digital console, it is operated with the same comfort as a conventional analog production mixer. No fundamental concessions have been made towards reliability, high speed controller-response and system stability. Apart from that there is the unique capability to control Lyra's functions over the Internet.

Over 18 inputs (7x digital, 7x analog, 4x mic inputs) are connected to a digital cross-point router to accept various formats of audio. This router actually is an integrated programmable patch-bay allowing you to send any of the input signals to any desired processing channels of the DSP’s. These processing channels consist out of a three band parametric Eq-section and dynamics control application. The signal output by the DSP channel can be routed to main stereo busses. Every main buss is stereo and has dedicated analog outputs, but the bus signals can also be routed to a digital output as well. Monitoring functions are analog making interfacing with the outside world very simple and easy to understand. The Lyra has four processing channels with 100m faders with large illuminated On and Cue switches an a rotary encoder for multiple functions. A LCD per channel shows input selections and many other functions. In the right hand section of the console are dedicated instant access functions for Source selection, Gain, EQ on/off, Dynamics on/off, Aux, Pan, Program and Sub selection. The analog master section with 16 segment led bars and source select switches makes interfacing very easy with all sorts of monitoring devices. A CobraNet option is available for integration within our network solution to share more sources. An Ethernet connector is available for remote control via TCP/IP protocol.

Technical highlights:
· 32 bit floating point processing;
· Less then 0,5 milliseconds propagation delay through processing engine;
· Digital I/O’s are 16/20/24 bit and supports sample freq. from 32KHz to 96KHz;
· Sample rate converters on all digital inputs;
· EQ and Dynamic on all processing channels;
· All faders are labeled;
· Real time info displayed on every module
· Integrated digital patching system.
· All in/outputs with GPIO’s;
· Remotes with Start, Stop (pulse/continuously)
· Auto Red light function;
· CobraNet option;
· Fader, Switch or Cue start;
· Word clock out;
· Card reader;
· Ethernet Connector via TCP/IP

The Lyra has a separate control surface that can be controlled up to 10 meters away from the 19”rack mountable in/output interface. The Lyra accepts all standard input formats ranging from microphone signals, analog line, AES/EBU, S/P-DIF coaxial, S/P-DIF optical. The 4 mic inputs are electronically balanced and provided with individual phantom power switches and 4 insertion points. A convenient aspect of the Lyra is that all Mic connectors are on industry standard XLR type connectors, compact 9 pin Sub-D female connectors, cinch, jacks, as well as the usual digital format type of connectors.

On the front panel of the 19” module you can connect your second set of headphones (set one is on the control surface itself). For easy access we have positioned the analog Cinch in/outputs of input 7 (with level control for the inputs) on the front panel of the 2HE 19”in/output rack. Input 7 is also positioned on the front of the 19” module for easy access. A digital input (also nr 7) on the front panel of the 19” module gives you S/P-Dif in/outputs. Four electronically balanced mic inputs with switch-able phantom power on XLR’s complete the front panel input access. There are also 2 mono inputs available for connecting external Hybrids.

6x stereo Dig inputs (AES3)
1x stereo dig input (s/p-dif optical or coax)
6x stereo balanced line inputs
1x stereo unbalanced line input
4x balanced mic inputs + Inserts

6x stereo digital outputs AES3
1x stereo digital output s/p-dif optical + coax
1x stereo Program analog
1x stereo SUB analog
1x stereo CUE analog
1x stereo AUX analog
1x stereo CRM analog
2x stereo PHONES analog

The audio-paths within the Lyra are programmable due to the presence of an input router. This eliminates the need for an external patch-bay. The input matrix is situated between the input modules and the DSP. It allows a custom configuration of the various inputs into the 4 stereo processing channels.

Signal processing takes place in one DSP. Processing uses precise floating-point calculations at a word-length of 32 bit. All audio signals throughout the console preserve their 24 bit resolution from the input conversion. Even 16 bit data streams, like CD-players, have 24 bits reserved. This way the audio data always preserves the sonic characteristics of the original input signal. Processing includes EQ as well as dynamics control in all 4 channels.

The Eq section of the Lyra consists out of a three band full parametric equalizer. All bands provide a boost/cut of 18 dB max. A Q-factor between 0.1 and 3 can be set within a frequency range from 10H to 20KHz in the configuration software. This applies for all bands. The LF-control features a special function. When attenuating, the LF band functions as a shelving filter. But when amplifying the LF band transforms the shelving function into a bell shaped curve. This prevents amplification of any unwanted subsonic frequencies.

The outputs of the Lyra are available in analog and digital form. There are six 9 pin sub-D connectors on the back of the 19”rackunit to provide you with all then outputs. Every main buss has its own dedicated analog output. The Lyra features two main outputs in analog and digital format.

All inputs and outputs have individual GPIO’s on individual sub-D connectors. There are in total of 18 GPIO’s on the Lyra. Control of any source is possible, also via the CobraNet interface, when installed.

The totally software-controlled Lyra secures absolute stability due to the dedicated written DSP software. Via the UTP connector (100 base-TX) you can configure the Lyra with your laptop/PC through a standard Internet web server anywhere on the globe. Diagnosing is also possible.

LYRA 4 FADER CONTROL SURFACE : Width=260mm, Depth=370mm, Height=75mm
LYRA 8 FADER CONTROL SURFACE : Width=485mm, Depth=355mm, Height=75mm
LYRA 19” RACK IN/OUTPUT UNIT : Width= 485mm, Height=88.5mm, Depth=300mm

Radio Strefa FM - POLAND
Swedish Radio - Sweden
Kamol Sukosol - Thailand
PSS - Norway
Synchrotec Systems Design PTY - Australia
Multimedia Conseil - France
Mega Audio - Germany
PHF Com - Luxembourg
Real Music - Ukraine
Midi Audio - Lithuania
Jolly pro Audio Broadcast Eng. - Hongkong
MTD - Slovenia
Aerts-Broadcast - The Netherlands
Allba Ljud - Sweden
ASPA - Spain
Audio Sales - Austria
Avation - Singapore
Comtel - Turkey
Corrino Broadcast - The Netherlands
EMS - Africa
J&C Intersonic - Switzerland
MJ Sound Systems - Korea
Mega Audio - Germany
Midi Audio -
Eurocom - France
Music and Images - The Netherlands
Music Exports - Germany
PHF Com -
Preco - UK
PSS - Norway 12 systems
PSS - Denmark (8 systems)
Real Music -
Smart media Solutions -
Synchrotec - Australia
TEDES - Italy
Thelinks - Latvia
Radio Mikro-Welle - Germany
Antwerpen FM - Belgium
Golden Flash - Belgium

Please e-mail for manual and/or brochure.



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Lyra I/O module unit: 7 Dig In, 7 stereo line in, 4 MIC, 7 DIG o  Lyra I/O module unit: 7 Dig In, 7 stereo line in, 4 MIC, 7 DIG o     3,060.00EUR
Lyra Spare Parts Kit Control Surface only  Lyra Spare Parts Kit Control Surface only     195.00EUR
Lyra Spare Parts Kit I/O Rack only  Lyra Spare Parts Kit I/O Rack only     200.00EUR
LYRA with 2 x 4 faders + IO module  LYRA with 2 x 4 faders + IO module     4,850.00EUR
LYRA with 4 faders + IO module  LYRA with 4 faders + IO module     4,109.00EUR
LYRA with 8 faders + IO module  LYRA with 8 faders + IO module     4,695.00EUR
Lyra, 4 fader control surface Extender  Lyra, 4 fader control surface Extender     750.00EUR
Lyra, 4 fader control surface unit  Lyra, 4 fader control surface unit     1,050.00EUR
Lyra, 8 fader control surface unit  Lyra, 8 fader control surface unit     1,635.00EUR
Lyrato Break out panel interface  Lyrato Break out panel interface     10.00EUR
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