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4-bay high gain antenna system for DX FM reception
4-bay high gain antenna system for DX FM reception
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Who are we? Manufacturer of FM, TV and AM broadcasting equipment.
Our mission: To provide all necessary equipment to small, medium and large radio and TV stations, and to develop innovative solution

15W, 25W, 40W and 50W FM exciters
The new MAXPRO5000+ 15W, 25W, 40W and 50W FM exciter with Qsonic II PLL/VCO
With latest firmware update this becomes the perfect pallet driver, give it a try, it is the best FM exciter out there. Now with QSonic II PLL/VCO.
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The new MAXPRO3000+, now with RS232/USB PC remote control!
MAX PRO 3000+ is our cutting-edge  FM exciter, with a number of new hot features that make this unit a true broadcasting swiss-knife. Insanely flexible, with optional DIP or LCD control and a number of customization options.
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Check out the new UHF TV transmitter: TVMAX5005+
Now 2x more power, with PC and Ethernet remote control and SWR/PWR meter inputs! Supports all analog standards worldwide!
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PCIMAX3000+ 3W PC based FM transmitter!
Now with digital audio input, turn your PC into a real FM broadcasting radio station with this PC card! Now with new driver! Broadcast MP3, real-audio, sirius satelite radio, XM radio to your radio receivers....
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CyberMaxMicro+ v40
Now with digital audio streaming input, microphone input, SWR/TEMP protection, PC remote control and full manual LCD RDS parameter entry! Small portable stereo rds digital transmitter with amazing sound clarity...
RF mosfets at lowest prices!
Popular RF power transistors at lowest prices
Including popular and some hard-to-get parts such as BLF278, SD2942, MRF151 and others from NXP, Freescale, ST and more...
FM transmitters from 100mW to 5KW
FM transmitters from 500mW to 3KW
From micro power to kilowatts. We have it all. All our units now have new sleek racks. Check them out, they are amazing.
200W- FM transmitter package with antenna and cable
500W FM transmitter package - our best selling combo
Complete 500W transmitter packages are available with our 3/4 wave exterminator and other antennas!
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All-inclusive packages, get your FM radio station running in minutes!
Packages including transmitter, antenna, coaxial cable and other things you need to start a radio station.
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3/4 wave EXTERMINATOR antenna
Simple to install, plenty range. Now shipping from stock in EU!
Multi-bay FM band antenna systems
FM band broadcasting multi-bay high gain antenna systems
We have prepared a number of high gain antenna systems that should cover majority of scenarios.
RigExpert graphical antenna analyzers
RigExpert graphical antenna analyzers
AA series antenna analyzers by RigExpert are powerful antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna-feeder paths.
7W UHF TV transmitter
Check out the new CyberMaxTV+ UHF TV transmitter
Now 2x more power, with PC and Ethernet remote control and internal mains power supply! Supports all analog standards worldwide!
600W UHF TV transmitter
CYBERMAX TV+ 600W UHF transmitter
600W of power in the analog UHF TV range
Digital TV transmitters
Digital TV transmitters
Check out the new digital TV transmitter options!
200W-1000W VHF TV amplifiers
200W, 400W, 600W and 1000W VHF TV amplifiers
These VHF TV amplifiers can boost your TV transmitter's range substantially!!
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PCS D&M TV UHF 1000W UHF TV amplifier, incredible quality at an insane price!
Check out the new 1000W UHF TV amplifier, amazing value at never before seen prices!
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PCS D&M TV 250W digital TV amplifier (DVB-H/T/T2)!
Check out the new 250W UHF TV amplifier for digital signal!
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600W BLF574 pallets, efficient, small and reliable!
These new pallets are running cooler and take up less space.
1800W NPX RF pallet
1800W 2x BLF178 pallets, efficient, small and reliable!
These new pallets are running cooler and take up less space.
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Analog and digital TV pallet amplifiers!
These new pallets are running cooler and take up less space.
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SE2000 D+ stereo encoders
The SE2000 D+ with its amazingly sharp 19KHz notch filters and digital audio inputs represents top value for the price!
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SE5000 DSP+ stereo encoders
The SE5000 DSP+ packs some serious DSP features under the hood. Now with a new reduced price and do not forget to check the new RDS daughter board.
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New SE6000+ stereo encoders with 114x oversampled MPX
The new SE6000+ series brings better stereo separation than any other Digital/Analog stereo encoder out there. With record-breaking oversampling rate of 114x, digital audio input and telemetry port this series brings new previously unseen sound quality to our product line.

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D&R AirMate USB 8 channel mixer
The most popular mixer with small radio stations, comes with telephone hybrid and many more useful features....

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DJStar PRO MIC with vibration free stand
These microphones are particularly suitable for PC based FM transmitters. This includes any radio or TV station that uses PC for processing audio, such as those using Jazler or SAM for scheduling and processing. The built-in A/D converter is close to the sensing element and ensures noise-free audio.

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CyberMaxRDS 4000+ professional RDS and STEREO processor
The new CyberMaxRDS 4000+ professional RDS encoder is a high-performance RDS encoder utilizing several on-board DSP processors.

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Coaxial cable and matching connectors
Including N, BNC, F, SMA, SO239, PL259, EIA and other connectors and BELDEN, AIRCELL, CELLFLEX and other coaxial cable types, cheapest CELLFLEX cable in town!
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Wide selection of RF connectors, including hard to get types
We have every RF connector imaginable, BNC, N, SMA, IEC, PL259, SO239, 7/16, 7/8 and other types...
SWR meter and other essential accesories for radio stations
Radio essentials KIT for newbies!
Are you new to radio? Get this kit, you will need everything it contains sooner or later!

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PCS LPF 7000 2KW filter with directional couplers and DIGIAMP.
Frequency compensated 2000W FM LOW PASS FILTER with SWR/PWR meter!

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Universal Amplifier Control Board v3.0
New version 3.0 with PC remote control and extended frequency range! Whatever make or model your current RF amplifier module might be, this controller board is sure to please you....
Universal mains power supply for RF amplifier projects
Universal switching mains power supply for RF amps
Look no further, we stock 12-48V power supply of all imaginable power ratings. Whatever your needs might be, we stock them all...
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Heavy duty DC fans
These high power fans are necessary to ensure cooling requirements of modern RF amplifiers..
RF components, trimmers, quartz, metal clad capacitors and more.
Electronic components and RF parts
Including many hard-to-get parts, such as silver plated wire, mica metal clad capacitors, filters, quartz and RF power transistors (BLF278, SD2942, MRF151, BLF244 and many many others)...
Audio and video wireless and internet studio to transmitter links
Professional digital and analog wireless audio and video links
High quality STL studio transmitter links from 50MHz to microwaves, for audio and video. We also have IP links.
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Check the daily specials and rebates...
It sure pays to check our forum from time to time...
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Are you a webmaster?
Join our affiliate program and earn some serious money TODAY!
TV transmitting antennas for VHF and UHF band, nicely priced!
TV band ntennas of all imaginable kinds
Check these TV antenna options and especially the new attractively priced UHF omni-directional options..

New Products For April
ECOMAX multi-bay antenna systems
ECOMAX multi-bay antenna systems
MAX PRO 6000+ 15W, 25W, 50W with QSonicIII
MAX PRO 6000+ 15W, 25W, 50W with QSonicIII
2000W FM transmitter package
2000W FM transmitter package
1500W FM transmitter package
1500W FM transmitter package
Teflon silver plated hookup wire
Teflon silver plated hookup wire
High power RF capacitors for pallets
High power RF capacitors for pallets
High power RF capacitors for pallets
High power RF capacitors for pallets
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01.25-ohm flexible coaxial cable (2.87mm dia white), per foot
02.25-ohm flexible coaxial cable (2.45mm dia white), per foot
03.1m H-2010 low loss (1m)
05.MAX PRO 3000+ FM Exciter (no LCD)
06.1m RG213U
07.LCD module for MAX PRO 3000+
08.MAXPRO2015+ 15W FM transmitter board (no LCD/no connectors)
09.SE5000 DSP+ stereo encoder (no LCD module included)
10.1 SHEET pnp (letter size)
BLF188XR NXP 1400W
BLF188XR NXP 1400W
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