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HDTV 1 and 4 channel digital TV with antenna  

DIGITAL TV EXCITERS and AMPLIFIER (scroll down for amplifiers specs)

Digital TV is finally becoming affordable. We are now selling combinations of exciter + amplifier which can be used to form a small digital TV station. An exciter exists for all digital standards. Please note that you need to purchase both exciter and amplifier. It is important that you buy the correct exciter for your region so please consult us for assistance, if you are stuck.

- Digital Terrestrial TV (VHF & UHF supported)
- Frequency range: 460-862 MHz (UHF)
- Output level: 85 dBV (adjustable)
- Selectable Video/Audio PID
- Editable Channel name
- 16QAM and 64QAM
- DVB-T and other standards available
- High frequency stability
- Friendly programming
- Low power consumption
- 1 or 4 VIDEO/AUDIO inputs (1 channel or 4 channels)
- Small 1 channel units have HDMI+regular video inputs (SVHS or component CVBS)

Technical specification for exciter:
- signal type video: CVBS, S-VHS or HDMI, 4-channel units have HDMI only
- signal type audio: Stereo
- level Vpp audio: 0.4 – 4.8
- level Vpp video: 0.5 – 2
- costellations 16QAM / 64 QAM
- impedance Ω 75
- resolution PAL 720x576@25fps, NTSC 720x480@30fps
- standard PAL / NTSC
- video decoding MPEG2 MP@ML
- audio decoding MPEG 1 LAYER II
Output section (only DVB-T described, note all standards are available):
- DVB-T standard ETSI EN 300 744 V1.5.1
- Carriers 2K
- Guard intervals 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
- Code rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
- Frequencies MHz 47 - 862
- Bandwidths MHz 7-8
- Average output power dBµV 85
- Level adjustment dB 15
- MER dB 30
- Frequency pitch Hz 1000
- Impedance Ω 75
- inputs VIDEO (RCA or S-VHS) / AUDIO (2 x RCA)
- outputs F-type female
- consumption W < 16W
- operating temperature °C 0 ~ +45
- dimensions 1H rack, 16cm deep
- weight 3/5Kg volumetric


Designed for very low power digital exciters, this UHF amplifier offers very high gain in a compact, well ventilated, RF isolated and practical aluminum enclosure with integrated mains power supply. All this at a reasonable price. Finally a solution for digital TV that will not break your bank. This UHF amplifier uses super-linear NXP fets for distortion-free digital signal. This module is also ideal for bringing the exciter power high enough to drive stronger digital TV UHF amplifiers. 

Units will start shipping around June 15th! Note: The photo is not from actual product, it will look similar but not completely the same.

Technical specifications: 
- Mains power: 110-240V (50/60Hz) universal input, mains cable not included (same as used for PC)
- Frequency band: 470-850 MHz
- 66dB gain max (please specify your desired exciter power level at desired frequency when ordering)
- BLF881 50volt LDMOS Technology.
- Input/Output 50 ohms, N female connectors
- Pout: 50W max
- Weight: 5Kg

- Accepts signal from exciter
- Excellent performance at low cost
- Stable well shielded design, required for such high gain
- Compete plug-in solution with integrated mains power supply
- Simple to use, just ON/OFF button

- No LCD display so no easy power adjustment and no power meter, also no SWR or overdrive protection
- You have to specify exciter level at the time of ordering, it is recommended that you also specify frequency so that we can set gain for you to get full power. We will give you instructions on how to change gain (there is attenuator on board).
- It is recommended that you also keep a power meter and make sure you do not push the amplifier beyond the rated power by driving it too hard.

- Due to the high gain of this amplifier some shielding between exciter and antenna is required. While the amplifier is completely stable also ensure that your exciter is mounted in a nice metal enclosure. All connections should be made with shielded coaxial cable. Please ensure your antenna is well away from the amplifier and the exciter. This means at least 5 meters, preferably on the roof some meters above your work area.
- Excessive drive level can damage this amplifier; let us know in advance what your drive level is so we can set the gain to prevent this.
RF amplifiers are sensitive devices, if you do not have sufficient experience please consider a complete finished product with integrated exciter instead . Amplifier can be burned by applying too much drive power, connecting mismatched load or no load at all or by causing oscillation (by having antenna close to exciter or input to this amplifier). For this reason there is no warranty for this product. We do assure you that every unit is tested and is 100% operational as it leaves our workshop. It will come with a tag inscribed with specified gain at the specified frequency.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 12 October, 2008.
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    Name   Model   Select   Price 
Exciter, DVB-T MPEG4 1080P (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, DVB-T MPEG4 1080P (1xHDMI+SD)     959.99EUR
Exciter, DVB-T MS MPEG4 + MPEG2 (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, DVB-T MS MPEG4 + MPEG2 (1xHDMI+SD)     1,099.99EUR
Exciter, DVB-C MPEG4 1080P (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, DVB-C MPEG4 1080P (1xHDMI+SD)     999.99EUR
Exciter, DVB-C MS - MPEG4 + MPEG2 (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, DVB-C MS - MPEG4 + MPEG2 (1xHDMI+SD)     1,049.99EUR
Exciter, ISDB-Tb M4 MPEG4 1080P (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, ISDB-Tb M4 MPEG4 1080P (1xHDMI+SD)     1,029.99EUR
Exciter, ISDB-Tb MS MPEG4 + MPEG2 (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, ISDB-Tb MS MPEG4 + MPEG2 (1xHDMI+SD)     1,049.99EUR
Exciter, ATSC MS - MPEG2 1080i (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, ATSC MS - MPEG2 1080i (1xHDMI+SD)     1,059.99EUR
Exciter, QAM USA MS MPEG2 1080i (1xHDMI+SD)  Exciter, QAM USA MS MPEG2 1080i (1xHDMI+SD)     1,059.99EUR
4 ch pro TV exciter, DVB-T/T2 MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)  4 ch pro TV exciter, DVB-T/T2 MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)     3,399.99EUR
4 ch pro TV exciter, ISDB-Tb MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)  4 ch pro TV exciter, ISDB-Tb MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)     3,399.99EUR
4 ch pro TV exciter, ATSC MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)  4 ch pro TV exciter, ATSC MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)     3,399.99EUR
4 ch pro TV exciter, DTBM chinese MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)  4 ch pro TV exciter, DTBM chinese MPEG2/4 FULL HD (4xHDMI)     3,399.99EUR
Very high gain 50W digital TV amplifier  Very high gain 50W digital TV amplifier     1,399.99EUR
Colinear UHF TV omni antenna + 10m coax  Colinear UHF TV omni antenna + 10m coax   400-500MHz, 150W  109.99EUR
Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products) Result Pages:  1 
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