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PCI MAX 3000+ accesories  

Accesories for our PC based FM transmitters

What is PCI MAX 3000+?
PCI MAX 3000+ is a FM transmitter in a form of a PC computer card, simply plug it into your PC and you have a FM transmitter. It will effectively change your PC into a stereo FM radio station. You will be able to play your audio files (CD, wav, MP3, real audio etc.) from your PC through radio waves directly to your household radio receiver in the next room, in the living room, across your yard, in whole block of flats....or for the entire village/small city. You need just an ordinary radio receiver to receive your signal.

Using PCI MAX 3000+ in stand alone mode, without the PC!
PCI MAX 3000+ can also be used outside of a PC, for example with a laptop. Simply connect it to the USB port and also use external mains power supply. In that case we recommend that you mount it in a case, a suitable enclosure is listed below. You can add small LCD module to control the unit and completely eliminate the need for the PC. Power jack for external mains power supply is already provided on the board, it requires 12-13.8V DC / 1A (center +).

15W, 25W or 40W power/range booster - RF amplifier
You can increase power by adding our 15W, 25W or 40W amplifier. The 15W boosters require minimal drive and will work with any version of PCI MAX. 25W and 40W boosters require 1W PCIMAX. Please set internal sensitivity jumpers accordingly and make sure you are operating in accordance with local laws when using power amplifiers. Also, when using 15W, 25W or 40W booster please ensure good SWR of your antenna to prevent damage to the antenna or amplifier. This can be done with a SWR meter. 25W and 40W boosters are new designs and are much more rugged and almost impossible to destroy. We recommend that you use them and set them to 15W, if necessary.

300W power/range booster - RF amplifier
Since PCIMAX 3000+ has such clean output it can be used in a medium-size FM station with total power of 300W, all you need is this power booster. The difference between this 300W amplifier and other amplifiers on our website is that it accepts 1W of power (others require a bit more). An additional internal booster ensures sufficient drive from our PCIMAX 3000+ card. Make sure to use this 300W amplifier with a suitable antenna that can handle such power and ensure good SWR of your antenna to prevent damage to the amplifier. This can be done verified and adjusted with a SWR meter. 300W amplifier is powered from mains voltage and works worldwide from 110-240V.

Increasing the range - Various types of antennas
Good antenna makes a huge difference. Various types of antennas are available, you can check them out and purchase here. A fast summary is available here:
- PCS0205; This is a directional antenna, it has very high gain, but transmits most of the signal in one direction only. Provides the best range of all listed antennas.
- COMET; This is a very popular omnidirectional antenna, it has average gain, but transmits in all directions.
- Dipole; Less gain than the type above, omnidirectional, but they can be stacked into 2-bay or 4-bay configurations, which are than better than any other omnidirectional antenna we have. This is the best there is for omnidirectional, if you use 2 or 4 dipoles with 2-way or 4-way harness. If you are using just PCIMAX card you can take any of the available dipole models. If however you use 15W, 25W or 40W booster please take 1KW dipole instead to avoid any problems.
- PCS028; Very convenient magnet-base mobile antenna, the coaxial cable is included as well. Best mobile antenna for FM radio band we've seen.
- PCS0201 ; this is our new omnidirectional unit, it is somewhere in the middle with performance. The only downside is its low power handling capability, only about 2W maximum.

SWR meter
SWR meter is used to verify how properly antenna matches the impedance of the transmitter (50 ohms). Adjusted and matched antenna ensures maximum range, minimal heating and problem-free operation. More on this topic can be found in some of the guides on this website.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 May, 2006.
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125W FM BOOSTER+ with mains power supply  125W FM BOOSTER+ with mains power supply     549.99EUR
15W FM BOOSTER+ (15V DC)  15W FM BOOSTER+ (15V DC)     129.99EUR
25W FM BOOSTER+ (15V DC)  25W FM BOOSTER+ (15V DC)     149.99EUR
400-500W turbo range booster  400-500W turbo range booster     749.99EUR
40W FM BOOSTER+ (15V DC)  40W FM BOOSTER+ (15V DC)     169.99EUR
Car power adaptor for 15W booster or cybermicro  Car power adaptor for 15W booster or cybermicro     19.99EUR
CybermaxMicro4+ stand-alone enclosure  CybermaxMicro4+ stand-alone enclosure     Out of Stock 59.99EUR
Mains power supply for 15W range booster  Mains power supply for 15W range booster     39.99EUR
Mains power supply for 25W/40W range booster  Mains power supply for 25W/40W range booster     89.99EUR
Miniature LCD display with VU meter  Miniature LCD display with VU meter     59.99EUR
Y audio splitter  Y audio splitter     4.99EUR
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 
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